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Korean Students Heading Home From Overseas

Since the end of World War II, thousands of Asian students have made the trek to the United States or towards Europ in search of highed eduction opportunities. The nonstop rise in American tuition costs added into difficulties in finding suitable housing, is causing many Korean students to re-evalaute the benefits of going abroad for education. According to Moon Heung-ahn, an admission officail at Konkuk University, “It’s rather easier for Korean students to enter overseas universities compared to domestic universities in Korea, while it’s harder for them to graduate from them. That’s the main reason behind the rise in transfers to Korean universities.”

Korean students report higher tuition costs at American universities and increasing difficulties in obtaining scholarship assistance. Housing costs are also a major factor in returning home to Korea. There is also some evidence employers prefer graduates from Korean universities rather than overseas institutions unless the individual has graduated from a famous institution.

For years, the United States has relied on foreign students in areas such as math and science, but those days may soon be coming to an end.