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Gorbachev and Colleague Begin New Party In Russia

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and billionaire Alexander Lebedev are preparing to initiate a new political party which will urge a stronger role for parliament in governing Russia together with legal and economic reforms. They want to create an independent media which is free to express views even those which contradict what Russian leaders are expressing. Lebedev, a former member of the state Duma describes himself as a “capitalist -idealist.” Both men have actively supported human rights spokespeople such as Anna Politkovskya who was murdered for standing up for the rights of the Russian people.

Gorbachev helped lead the way to dissolve the Soviet Union and pave the way for democracy in his country. Gorbachev has been careful not to publicly attack Prime Minister Putin but he has openly defended those who oppose the one party Russia Putin has attempted to create.

Russia desperately needs a new political party which stands for real democracy and offers a challenge to the one party mentality of Putin.