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Netanyahu-Should I Turn Right-Left??

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming close to confronting the reality that the old days of Bush unqualified support are over, and the new administration in Washington D.C. wants action on the path towards peace with Palestinians. He has been meeting with right wing members of his coalition to make clear Israel is now under great pressure from Obama to recognize an independent Palestinian state and to halt further housing in West Bank settlements. Netanyahu reportedly make clear if right wing partners leave his coalition they will then confront the reality of a Cabinet which is ready to make concessions to American demands. In a sense, his message is: I’m the best alternative you have at this point in time.

Netanyahu will probably ask the more centrist Kadima led by Tzipi Livni to join the government and provide support for reaching an agreement with Palestinians. If Netanyahu agrees to follow the road map to peace and recognize the idea of two states he would be close to the ideas of Kadima. This stance would probably lead to all members of the Labor party supporting his government. “Go left young man,” is our advice.