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British Parents Scramble To Get Kids In “Right” School

The main truism about attending school in post industrial societies is getting one’s child in the “right” school is putting their darling on the fast track to economic success. Parents in England are employing every trick in the book to ensure their child is gains a place in a desirable school. Ian Carter, a lawyer who specializes in school placement says, “Parents want to know when they need to move house to secure a place at the best schools, they want to know how close they have to be to the school to guarantee a place, and they don’t want any margin of error.” Parents are seeking the assistance of lawyers to file appeals if their child is not accepted at the “right school.”

School officials are furious that lawyers mislead parents into believing filing legal challenges will ensure their child gets into a school. On the other hand, lawyers, and many parents, argue applications are unclear which leads to making decisions to secure legal advice on how to proceed.

One can only wonder as the housing market continues its collapse if parents will be able to pick up and move to the “right school.” Eventually, they might discover a child has an excellent chance of getting into a college if they attend a “difficult school” and succeed.