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Power, Not Leadership Is Issue In Kenya

Billy Khona, writing in South Africa’s Mail & Guardian newwspaper, argued the conflagration sweeping Kenya has nothing to do with leadership as it has to do with power. “Never before have we needed legislative heroism as we do now. Alas, parliamentary politics, while making for good theater of the absurd, rarely demonstrates moral courage.” President Kibaki appears indifferent to the killings in all parts of the nation and mainly is concerned with ensuring his “victory” in the presidential election stands against the tide of reason. Khona says the election of an ODM member to the postion of Speaker of the House at least sends a message that Kibaki and his Kikuyu followers were not going so far as to rig that election process.

Mr. Kahona sadly believes the most important matter on the minds of too many members of the legislature is getting a raise. As of this point, parliament has not done much to exert leadership. It has not witnessed members of different tribes coming together and presenting a model of cooperation to the nation.