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Single Women Head For Denmark For Guess What?

Women from all over Europe are flocking to Denmark due to recent relaxation of restrictions on artificial insemination for single women. Most probably Copenhagen has become the destination of lesbian couples seeking to have children and not wishing to get a man they know involved in the process. Danish law was changed in 2007 to allow the insemination procedure for women who did not have m ale partners which made this a favorite vacation spot for anyone in need of children and lacking a partner of the male gender. At the Vitanova private clinic in Copenhagen the majority of the 1,500 annual inseminations are performed on foreign women and m ost are in the 35-45 age bracket.

One wonders when budding capitalist entrepreneurs will get into the act and offer discounts on access to insemination. Will we one day witness the emergence of McInsemination?

Court Rules Gays Can Not Automatically Discharged

A federal appeals court panel ruled the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law can only be applied after each case is treated as a separate entity. In the case of Maj. Margaret Witt, she was ordered to be reinstated and the court said the facts of her case must be developed to determine if her dismissal furthered the military’s stated goals of military readiness and troop harmony. Judge Ronald M. Gould wrote: “When the government attempts to invade upon the personal and private lives of homosexuals, the government must advance an important governmental interest, the intrusion must significantly further tha interest, and the intrusion must be necessary to further that interest.”

Major Witt served her country and even received a citation from President Bush which praised her “courage” and “airmanship.” She was dismissed based on a tip from an unknown source that she was involved in a love relation with a woman who was a civilian, not a member of the armed forces. It is time to end the unfair and unpatriotic rule about “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Bar Lesbians From IVF Treatment

The newly energized Conservative Party of Great Britain which recently won may local elections is pursuing a campaign to come across as dfender of tratitional values. Its leader, David Cameron, supports legislation which would bar lesbian couples from access to IVF treatment unless they agree a father figure would be inolved in the upbringing of their child. Andrew Lansley, the Conservative shadow health authority, is seeking legislation which insists a “male role model” is necessary in a family and he called for changes in the human fertilization and embryology bill which only calls for “supportive parenting.” The new Labor bill would amend the current legislation passed in 1990 that requires the need for a father in family life.

Lansley told MPs, “The reference to the need for a father should be recast to the ‘need for supportive parenting and a father or male role model.’ This is not to discriminate against same-sex couples or single parents, but to ensure that the responsibility to a child is discharged.”

Inherent in this view of marriage and child-rearing is the belief a man and a woman best guarantee that children have a supportive home life. Perhaps, those who share this belief might actually check current family situations in which about half of marriages end in divorce and a high percent of children grow up with a single parent. Increasgingly in modern life, men are single parenting children which means many children do not have a female in their lives. Children need a loving parent or loving parents, but in eithr case they can be raised in a supportive home provided there is love.