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What’s That About Swedish Girls And Sex?

A recent study conducted by an academic at the Sahalgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, eveals Swedish teenage girls are much more sexually active with other teenage girls than adolescent boys are with boys. Approximately, 440 seventeen year old boys and girls were questioned about sex relations with someone of the same gender. Of the girls, 6.1% said they had sex with another teenage girl while only 1.7% of boys reported same sex relations. The dissertation author believes girls may feel more relaxed about identifying themselves as lesbians and interpret their sexual relations with another girl as simply part of the sexual maturation process. Girls are also more intimate with one another and engage in more physical contat with another girl than boys interating with other boys.

The study also revealed a higher percent of teenage girls had sexual relations with a boy than teenage boys had with a female. One wonders if the same results would emerge from studies of teenage boys and girls in other nations.