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British Teachers Told What To Teach About Iraq

The National Union of Teachers, the largest organization representing the interests of British teachers, is up in arms over a lesson plan about Iraq that was developed by the Ministry of Defence. The union charges government directed lesson plans violate the 1996 Education Act which requires political issues to be treated in a balanced manner. The teacher group believes the gist of the lesson plan is to rewrite history in order to prove the invasion of Irq resulted in beneficial results for the people of Iraq. The “Students’ Worksheet” stresses efforts to undertake reconstruction efforts such as schools and hospitals. The “Teacher Notes” claims “the invasion was necessary to allow the opportunity to remove Sadfdam Hussein.”

Tony Blair no longer is prime minister but efforts to prove his action in sending British soldiers to invade Saddam Hussein in order to destroy WMD resulted in grat benefits to the Iraq people. Of course, the lesson plan ignores the death of hundreds of thosands of Iraqi citizens and the vast destruction of facilities. What next in Britain, lesson plans on why those darn American colonists were wrong to rebel against King George?