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Sarah Palin And The Nude Father Of Grandchild!

You most probably recall the tumultuous gathering of Republicans last year who hailed their new conquering hero, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, who they believed represented the moral values of God, decency and the American way of life. There was a slight bump in the road when it was discovered that Bristol Palin was pregnant, but Sarah gathered up the entire family including Levi Johnston, father of the baby, and they descended on the Republican audience in order to prove that while having babies without being married might be the norm for Democrats, it was simply an oversight for Republican pregnant teenagers.

Alas, Levi the Johnston was quickly banished to the forest of lost souls and told not to come near his child. After all, Republicans are Christians and we all know that having babies without getting married is a Democrat action. Sarah’s new book will shortly hit the newstands so Levi, the disgraced one, decided to do his ex-girl friend’s mom, one better. Just as the Palin book appears, Levi will be appearing nude in Playgirl in order to show the world he has nothing to hide.

Would it be possible for Sarah Palin to appear nude so we have proof that she has nothing to hide?