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What Passes For Democracy In Putin Russia

Supporters of liberal candidates in a municipal election went through normal procedures required by law such as gathering signatures for their candidates and submitting them to the appropriate authorities. But, this is Putin Russia in which supporters of candidates can gather signatures but it is up to some bureaucrat to decide if the names written on the piece of paper are really Russian names. After all, maybe some people from Great Britain or the United States or elsewhere submitted their names in order to create disturbances in the beautiful land of Putin where democracy is based on the concept of doing what the Supreme Leader says is correct. Anyway, a judge threw out the petitions for the candidates on ground that an “expert” had decided they were forgeries and no one can challenge the argument of an “expert” since by definition he is an “expert.”

Tatyana Kondratkova, put it clearly: “This outrageous decision has destroyed what little hope I had left for what remains of democratic principles and fair trials in Russia.” Most probably word came down from above not to allow liberal candidates to run because if they won they might initiate investigations of corrupt officials. Simple solution, prove they are the stooge of those damn liberals who really don’t exist so the names on the list are not real. Life goes on in Putin Russia.