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Headscarf Issue Divisive One In Denmark

Denmark’s Minister of Integration, Berthe Ronn Hornbech urged her fellow members of parliament to rethink the entire issue of whether Muslim women can wear the headscarf in certain areas of society such as the courtroom. “The headscarf has turned into an antagonistic picture in the debate. A debate that has turned not only against Muslims, but against all believers.” Ms. Hornbech, a member of the Liberal Party, fears discriminating against Muslim women will result in many talented females opting out of important roles in Danish society.

Inger Stojberg, another member of the Liberal Party, said the party has been discussing this issue without coming to a resolution of which way they will decide. “Personally,” said Stojberg, “I do not think religious symbols belong in the courtroom.” There is considerable evidence that Hornbech’s views may not necessarily reflect those of most Danish people.