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Are You An Attractive Woman? Wow, What You Missed!!

An Italian hospitality agency received an intriguing request from an Arab visitor. He wanted 500 attractive women between the ages of 18 to 37 who were at least 1.7 metre high who would be attending a party and each would receive about $90 for the evening’s work. The women showed up at the party arranged by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, son of the Libyan leader and they left in awe and wonder — at what the heck is wrong with this man of the desert! The women might have been alerted to what would occur when told they could not display plunging necklines or wear mini-skirts, but to appear in a manner that had their bodies covered in clothes. The young leader, dressed in black, appeared before the women who each was given a copy of the Koran. He then proceeded to give a lecture on the superiority of the Muslim religion to decadent Christianity. It turns out the “party” was learning about the Muslim religion.

An attendee commented with a sigh, “I was expecting a party, not a lesson.” Another noted, “I feel very offended with regard to my religion.” From early accounts there are no signs of anyone rushing to the side of the Young Leader and swearing to become a Muslim.

Lies Gordon Brown Has Told Us!

For the past week, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has insisted there is no connection between release of the Lockerbie bomber and financial discussions between his nation and Libya. According to Brown the only consideration was humane, allowing an ill man to die at home. For some reason, Gordon Brown forgot to inform members of his Cabinet about the party line of compassion. Justice Secretary Jack Straw told the Daily Telegraph, that trade and an oil exploration deal between BP and Libya were factors in deciding whether to make Abdelbaset al Megrahi eligible for transfer to a prison back home.

Asked if trade was a factor in the release, Straw responded without any pretense of spouting the nonsense coming from the prime minister: “Yes, a very big part of that. I’m unapologetic about that… Libya was a rogue state . We wanted to bring it back into the fold. And yes, that included trade because trade is an essential part of it and subsequently there was the BP deal.”

The truth is refreshing when finally heard. Now, Gordon, what do you intend to say tomorrow about the compassion aspect of the deal?

Fairy Tales By Gordon Brown

First, we were told George Bush was a compassionate conservative, now we are told that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a compassionate Socialist. He apparently devotes considerable energy to ensure that prisoners serving life sentences be according their human rights for compassion and mercy. Brown denies any role in the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi from a Scottish prison where he was supposedly spending his time preparing to die. The prime minister did admit he sent word to the Libyan government that both foreign secretary David Miliband and himself did not wish to see Megrahi die in a Scottish prison.

The Scottish parliament apparently does not agree with the government’s explanation since they voted 73 to 50 against a proposal to accept the lame excuses of Scotland’s government. Isn’t it about time, the people of Great Britain and the United States who lost loved ones in the disaster received an honest accounting of how a mass murderer is free?

Gordon Brown Once Again Strikes Out!

Release by Scottish officials of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the notorious Lockerbie bomber, adds one more problem to the enormous plate of issues Prime Minister Gordon Brown must deal with in order to restore his popularity. He told a media conference in no uncertain terms, “I was both angry and repulsed by the reception that a convicted bomber guilty of huge terrorist crime received on his return to Libya.” He insisted the decision to release was entirely the responsibility of Scottish officials. His comments came after days of angry comments by Conservative opponents for his silence on the release.

Behind the scene disputes continue as Scottish officials are preparing to release documents from the Brown government to them regarding a proposed prisoner release agreement between Libya and the UK government. Frankly, no one knows at this time if there was a connection between the release of the mass murderer and some Libyan action for his return.

Regardless of how this plays out, it is still another strikeout at the plate of public opinion for Gordon Brown.

Gadhafi Against Terrorism

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi who has admitted supporting terrorist groups as well as blowing up a Pan Am jetliner over Scotland which caused the death of 270 people is firmly against any form of terrorism and is furious that even though he admitted being responsible for the airliner crash no one rewarded him for honesty. After all, it does say in the Koran a man who kills 270 people and apologizes is entitled to a considerable cash reward. On a visit to Italy, the mouth that roars blamed the United States for the spread of terrorism in the world by its foolish invasion of Iraq. He pointed out Al-Qaeda “couldn’t have entered the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, ” but through Bush stupidity it has “become an Islamic extremist state.”

The Libyan leader was pleased Italy apologized for its colonial past and paid $6 billion for the damage done to the Libyan past. I am confused. Italy apologized and paid money, but no one rewarded them for honesty! Wait a second. Gadhafi did meet with 700 Italian women, I guess that was the reward, Italian women were given an opportunity to make out with Libya’s best make-out man.

Berlusconi Gaffe On Gaddafi Meeting

The two Romeos of the Mediterranean met in Rome most probably to discuss important issues such as which one has the most contact with women. Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi arrived with his all female body guard, dressed in khaki uniforms and red berets, while Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi gave them a good look over. The Italian leader has been beset with newspaper controversy over photos showing wild parties at the estate of Berlusconi including naked women. Gaddafi also had issues with photographs because on his chest was a photo of the Libyan hero Omar Mukhtar, the “Lion of the Desert” on the day before the Italians hung him. The Libyan lion of the night has arranged to meet with 700 Italian women in a gesture most probably designed to show Berlusconi he can win the the female game.

Berlusconi has apologized for the Italian era of being a colonial power and turned over about $5 billion to Libya. However, many members of parliament will boycott the Gaddafi speech because they do not wish to honor a man who imprisons the opposition and has been known to use torture or executions of those who oppose. There is considerable anger among some Italians of the latest Berlusconi agreement with Libya which allows the Italian navy to intercept asylum seekers and return them to Libya.

African Migrants Head North To Italy

The exodus from Africa to Europe continues to accelerate as thousands of Africans are crossing the Mediterranean in order to reach Italy and the prospect of work. The number of migrants hitting Italy’s southern shores has soared by more than 50% this years and at 33,000 is already 13,000 more than arrived in 2007. At least 500 people never reached Italy because they drowned at sea. Since December 24, at least 2,400 additional people reached the Pelagic islands between Libya and Sicily. Experts on migration believe the large number coming during the midst of winter suggests they are being driven by economic factors which allows smugglers to pile them into aged vessels for the perilous voyage. Italy’s Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, threatened to fly the migrants back to their homelands, but this seems doubtful in terms of the sheer number arriving and seeking asylum.

Ironically, the Berlusconi government rode to power on the promise of being tough toward migrants and now faces the prospect of dealing with thousands of additional migrants. Many are coming from Libya despite promises by its dictator Gaddafi’s promises to crack down on the smugglers. In the meantime while Berlusconi’s followers denounce newly arrived immigrants, thousands sit in camps or wherever space can be found awaiting news of their futures.

Trials And Bumbling Of CIA!

During the past fifty years, the CIA has most probably spent at least $700 billion in its role as America’s primary agent in uncovering foreign agents. Of course, during that time, it failed to provide advance knowledge of any major event, but, then again, secret agents enjoy being secret. In the latest bumbling and stumbling activity of the CIA it now turns out, a CIA agent who provided “key”information about the Libyan Lockerbie bombing was not exactly who he claimed to be, but, in reality, he worked in the garage at the airport. Mr. Giaka, who worked for the Libyan Arab Airlines at the Malta airport wrote numerous messages explaining to the CIA things that could or could not take place while all the time working at the airport garage . At the Lockerbie trial, four judges described his testimony as “at best grossly exaggerated and at worst simply untrue.”

Perhaps, some day when the real history of the CIA is finally written, the American people will learn how inept was this agency. This blog awaits evidence the CIA could get something right.

Non-Reported French Nuclear Accident Raises Questions

An accident in a nuclear reactor in the south of France went unreported in the European press even though the incident raised questions concerning the safety of nuclear energy plants such as the ones France has promised to construct in Libya. The incident occurred the first week in July just as Nicolas Sarkozy assumed the role of president of the European Union. The plant malfunction led to 30,000 litres of a solution containing 12% enriched uranium to overflow from a reservoir into the nearby Gaffiere and Lauzon rivers. Evangelia Petit, admitted the concentration of uranium in the two rivers was now 1,000 times higher than normal but she downplayed the consequences of the accident insisting the risk posed to humans was “slight.”

However, local authorities apparently did not accept her verdict that things were not that bad because there was uranium in the rivers. Inhabitants of nearby towns and villages have been banned from fishing, swimming, drawing well water or using water from the polluted rivers for irrigation purposes. The area is noted for its grapes which are used in making several brands of wines.

The Green Party blog of Malta expressed concern that France was going to construct nuclear energy plants in nearby Libya. There is fear an accident in a nuclear plant to be built on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea might result in extensive pollution to a water body which is essential to the lives of millions.

There is no question great improvements have been made in safety of nuclear plants, but the world has yet to reach a point in which the presence of nuclear plants doesn’t also cause a risk to local populations.

France Moves Aggressively Into Africa

French President Sarkozy has not hidden his desire to make aggressive moves in making his nation the key player in a new Mediettranean confederation. Germany reacted with displeasure at the news France had signed a new military deal with Libya to sell 12 Franco-German Tiger combat helicopters to the Gadhafi regime. German Chancellor Merkel has been upset since Sarkozy took office over his desire to establish France as the key European player in the Mediterranean region. The French arms deal with a nation noted for its dictatorial leadership and its past connections with terrorist organizations did not sit well with German leaders.

The agreement between the nations which led to joint efforts to build the new helicopter do not prevent either one from selling it to a third party which is apparently what Sarkozy has done. Merkel does not wish to push the issue to the point of creating a crisis with France. It is still unclear how far Sarkozy wants to push the idea of French leadership in other parts of the world.