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Children Rule Israel’s Foreign Office

Israel President Shimon Peres apologized for the childish behavior of his nation’s foreign office and insisted “this should not be connected to the whole state or to all diplomats” and insisted it was “the mistake of one man, not of the state.” Even as he spoke these words, the Israel foreign office blasted 17 members of the Knesset who sent a letter of apology to the Turkish government for the disreputable behavior of the deputy minister of foreign affairs. “Ayalon respects the 17 MKs who apologized, but where were they over the past two years of anti-semitic broadcasts in the Turkish media and unbridled criticism of Israel from Anakara?” And, to top off their stupidity, the deputy minister’s office publicly said about the deliberate insult of the Turkish ambassador, “we had to start making noise.” These are the words of immature children, not of diplomats.

We beg to differ with President Peres, but the truth is that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman cooperated with Danny Ayalon in planning this childish display of temper. The problem is not that Israel has incompetent diplomats, the problem is that inept, ignorant and racist bullies like Lieberman are in control of foreign policy. This is akin to having Rush Limbaugh as secretary of state and Sarah Palin as assistant secretary of state. When will the people of Israel take the chip off their shoulders, look in the mirror of truth, and admit they have made mistakes. Israel is not solely responsible for difficulties in establishing peace with Palestinians since there is enough blame for numerous nations and leaders, but Israel society increasingly refuses to be self reflective and has a knee jerk reaction to anything by shouting anti-semitism.

Is It Time To Force Foreign Minister Lieberman Into Silence?

Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister whose constant irrational statements and declarations of hate toward Arabs, is a millstone around the neck of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. American diplomats do not wish to get near the mouth which roars nonsense, and his presence, even at a meeting, antagonizes Muslim leaders. Fortunately, the Israel police might assist the current government to get rid of Lieberman. Police met with the attorney general to discuss the final stage of their criminal investigation of the foreign minister. They are expected to recommend an indictment of Lieberman as soon as next week. His departure at the hands of the police frees Netanyahu of blame for getting rid of Lieberman.

The departure of Lieberman might result in members of his 15 MP group to eventually switch to other parties and stabilize the Netanyahu government by providing greater flexibility in negotiation with Arab governments. Or, Netanyahu could reach out to Labor or other groups in an effort to create a coalition government that would be prepared to attain peace.

US Support For Israel Drops But Lieberman Rants On!

A recent study by Project Israel reveals American public support for the state of Israel has dropped over the past nine months from 69% supportive to 49% supportive. The reason is not because Americans are entranced by the performance of the Palestinians, but they are increasingly disgusted by a pig headed obdurate stance on the part of Israel leaders such as Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who refuse to offer any sensible proposals for peace other than whatever we have been doing we intend to continue doing it. The Obama administration has increased pressure for Israel to allow free flow of goods in and out of Gaza and allow its inhabitants to work at restoring their economy. Secretary of State Clinton wishes Israel would cease linking the release of a captured Israel soldier to the lives of the entire Gaza population.

The Israel soldier eventually will be released but there is no evidence the present Israel policy is helping to achieve that goal. Obama wants border crossings opened and commerce to restart in order to focus the attention of Gaza inhabitants on their economic development. Forcing them to endure poverty only gains new recruits for violence.

Perhaps, the people of Israel could watch on TV how hundreds of thousands of young Muslims in Iran are peacefully fighting for peace. Those youngsters do not seek war with Israel anymore than do most Muslims. If Israel would accept the 1967 boundaries a compromise can be worked out concerning return of Palestinian refugees.

Russia Backs Obama, Ignores Israeli FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov praised President Obama for offering new alternatives in dealing with Iran. He indicated Obama’s approach will assist in efforts to reach agreements with Iran. However, Lavrov also met with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who he politely made clear to that Russia will work with other nations in pursuit of peace with Iran but would not engage in any form of military action. However, Lavrov said Russia was urging Hamas and President Abbas to cooperate in pursuit of peace.

Lieberman still does not grasp that few outside his own nation regard him as anything other than a buffoon who lacks any understanding of what must occur to bring peace to the Middle East. For some reason, voters in Israel actually believe this vicious hater of Muslims will be of any assistance in bringing peace to their nation.

Who Is In Charge Of Israel?

Last week while meeting with President Obama, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to evacuate illegal settlements on the West Bank and allow natural growth of existing settlements. Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, when hearing what the prime minister agreed to with Obama, described their understanding as “utter nonsense.” He insisted there was need to develop a comprehensive stance on regional issues rather than concentrating on “minutiae” of West Bank outpost evacuations. In the meantime, Defense Ministeer Ehud Barak emphasized the need to make clear to Americans there was no link between illegal outposts on the West Bank and dealing with Iran. He said there was need to engage in dialogue with residents of West Bank settlements, but if they would not agree to dismantle illegal outposts, he would recommend use of moderate force.

Exactly what is the policy of Israel in regard to West Bank settlements and exactly who is in charge of making those decisions? Netanyahu hired Lieberman knowing the man was a loose cannon and he must now live with the decision of having someone in his cabinet who believes the prime minister’s ideas are “utter nonsense.”

Syria–Who Do We Talk With In Israel Government?

During the past half century a continual complaint on the part of Israel leaders was their inability to find anyone in an Arab government who was serious about engaging in discussions about future peace. Ironically, this complaint is now being uttered by Arab leaders about the nature of Israel’s government. Syrian leader, President Bashar Assad complained, “we cannot talk about a date (for resuming talks) because we don’t have a partner.” A major problem hindering the pursuit of peace in the Middle East is that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has filled his Cabinet with Arab haters like Avigdor Lieberman and this reduces opportunities for intelligent dialogue. On one hand, Israel complains that Hamas has publicly announced its determination to wipe out Israel. Of course, on the other hand, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has made similar remarks about wiping out Arabs.

President Gul of Turkey, who regards his nation as a mediator between Israel and Syria, has noted: “Israel has to show clearly it is a partner.” He pointed out Syria wants to talk, and “we in Turkey are also ready.” So, let’s get on with talks and replace Lieberman with someone who can gain trust of Arabs.

Dissension In Israel Conflict Over Palestine State

The coalition Cabinet put together by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is sharply divided on the issue of a two state solution. Defense Minister Ehud Barak once again made clear his commitment to a two state solution. “An Israel plan for a regional solution is a central axis of Israel’s policy in the coming years… Israel must cooperate with the US in formulating the details of the solution.” Barak said he supported the Obama plan for a Palestinian state and some modifications of the West Bank settler issue. However, Barak still believes Israel can not accept the return of Palestinian refugees.

Naturally, Avigdor Lieberman insisted there can not be a Palestinian state and his nation must stand tough and not be intimidated by the outside world. Lieberman lives in a fantasy world as do those Israelis who believe the current situation can continue into the indefinite future. A Palestinian state must come into reality. That is step one in creating a peaceful Middle East.

What Is Israel Thinking In Selecting Lieberman As FM?

Nations have the right to select whomever they desire for positions in government, but when a nation chooses an outspoken bigot who has insulted neighboring countries as its foreign minister, the question must be asked –“what was Israel thinking in placing Avigdor Lieberman as their Foreign Minister?” Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit told the Israel government in blunt language that until the attitude of Lieberman changes, he will not be welcome in his country nor will Egyptian leaders work with him. “I can’t imagine that his feet will step on Egyptian soil as long as his positions remain as they are.” Loud mouth Lieberman once threatened to bomb the Aswan Dam in Egypt.

Lieberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still have not figured out reality– the American government wants a Palestinian state and will not tolerate aggressive ignorant men like Lieberman in the position of foreign minister unless he makes dramatic changes in his attitude and language. A first step is to apologize to Egypt and then come out in support of a Palestinian state.

Obama Gets Ready To Clash With Netanyahu

The government of Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman has yet to grasp that George Bush is no longer president of the United States and President Barack Obama wants peace in the Middle East even if it means telling Israel to take a step into reality and get out of its bunker mentality. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the mouth that roars nonsense insists Israel is not bound by prior agreements such as the Annapolis agreement and mumbles about it is “time for new ideas.” Of course, his concept of “new ideas” means rejecting any Palestinian views and desires. He accused those who criticize his opposition to the Annapolis agreement s “trying to build a Galut state instead of a Jewish state, that would give up the national interest and honor.”

The American State Department quickly responded to remarks by the Israel foreign minister. Spokesperson Robert Wood made clear the Obama administration is committed “to the two state solution” and special envoy George Mitchell will be visiting the area to reinforce that belief.

Israel still does not understand that most American Jews will support Obama’s views in support of a two-state solution. George Bush is in Texas, not the White House.

Two Faces Of Egypt– Anger Or Peace?

Egyptian President Mubarak reached out to newly appointed Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and offered the hand of friendship to the right wing demagogue who has been deaf to pleas for peace. Murbarak offered to meet Netanyahu and engage in conversations that might lead to jump starting the peace process between Israel and Palestinians. However, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul-Gheit made clear his fury at comments made by Israel foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman who had once threatened to blow up the Aswan Dam and had told President Murbarak to “go to hell.” Gheit made clear, “whoever insults the dignity of Egypt must face the consequences and accept responsibility for his words.”

Perhaps, it is time for Netanyahu to sit down with his foreign minister and gave him a short course on how to conduct oneself if the goal is peace. Personally, we doubt Mr. Lieberman has the emotional or intellectual ability to change.