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Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “15 Teams Compete In Robotic Competition”
No humans allowed.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “My Son Called Me An Infidel”
Convert to Judaism, what do you expect?

Sweden, The Local: “Pastor Fined For Fingering Figs”
I guess it depends on whose figs he was fingering.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Toddler Survives Train Hitting Him”
OK, I’m glad he is OK, but how is the train doing?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “No Money To Combat School Violence”
We have plenty of money to combat business violence.

South Africa, Argus: “Blair Trying To Rewrite History”
I never heard of Iraq, is that near London?

Qatar, Khaleej Times: “49 Dead In Iran Bombing”
“Yemen Says 44 Rebels Killed”
” Eight Dead, 29 Wounded In Baghdad”
Just another peaceful day in the Middle East region.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Why Do People Hate You?”
With a name like Rush Limbaugh what do you expect?


Following are some reasons members of the Republican party would be very happy.

Michelle Obama love letters to Bill Clinton uncovered.

Thirty five American soldiers killed in Taliban ambush.

George Clooney film bombs at box office.

Pope issues encyclical saying Catholics must vote for the Republican Party in America.

Tony Blair admits to homosexual relationship with George Bush and used it to force the invasion of Iraq.

Voting records reveal Karl Marx in 1860 voted for the Democratic candidate for president.

Oil discovered in Brooklyn, New York. 300,000 black residents will be relocated to Wyoming.

Rush Limbaugh loses fifty pounds and wins dance contest.

Supreme Court rules 5-4 that a strict interpretation of the Constitution confirms right of white to own black slaves.

Document uncovered in “National Treasure III” which reveals Barak Obama was born in Nairobi to a Muslim mother and a Russian father.

US government bails out Republican Party with $500 million grant. Senator McDonnell hails money as evidence this country still believes in free enterprise.


Following are comments that were thought but never expressed by these individuals.

RUSH LIMBAUGH When I was a little fat boy I got bullied. Now, I’m a fat man who is getting even by bullying one and all.

HEDGE FUND MANAGER I defend my right to never hedge on making a million for myself. As for my clients, I’ll hedge on that one!

OBAMA SUPPORTER I love that guy. It’s his policies that bother me.

CREDIT CARD COMPANY If we make a mistake, we only up your percent by 5%, but if you make a mistake, we up it 25%.

GEORGE BUSH Dick Cheney? Yeah, I once knew a guy with that name. Is he still alive?

WEATHERMAN I pray every night for a rainstorm just as I get on camera.

GENERAL MCCHRYSTAL Give me 40,000 more men in Afghanistan and I promise that I will only ask for 25,000 later this year.

JUSTICE SCALIA A literal reading of the Constitution is when I interpret it.

HILLARY CLINTON These days I sometimes wish for the good old days when Monica was in the headlines and life was simpler.

TOM HANKS OK, it’s nonsense, but for twenty million dollars I’d spend time in Hades with the Devil.

DAVID LETTERMAN If only someone else had done what I did, I’d have enough material for a month,

LOU DOBBS If we got rid of the illegal immigrants, I’d be glad to mow your lawn.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, The Local: “Trucker Masturbates While Driving”
He is the first man to come while driving 80 miles per hour.

Australia, Brisbane Times; “How Many People Have You Slept With”
Sleeping is one thing, making out if another.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Gadhafi Ridicules The UN”
Wow, what praise for the UN!

South Korea, South Korea Herald: “Police Probe Draft Dodging”
I would be happier if they probed money dodging with the savings of people.

UAE, Khaleej Times; “Scientists Make Paralyzed Rats Run”
Unfortunately, the Wall Street rats were never paralyzed by their graft and stealing.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Birth Defect No One Talks About”
The greatest birth defect in America is an inability to empathize with poverty and oppression of the poor.

Hungary, Budapest Times: ‘War Over Words”
Just drop into a session of Congress in order to observe a war of words which is much ado about nothing.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Sex, Lies, Funny Money”
I can take the sex and lies, but when they take away our money, then I get angry.

UK, The Independent: “Why Women Need Drink Before Sex”
Imagine having sex with Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck– a gallon might do it.

Republican Crazies Compare Nazis To Obama

Republican crazies have been out in force throughout the nation in order to create anger, fear, and hate which are the three horsemen of right used by the right in their battle against health reform. Many Jews in Israel and the United States are furious at the use of Nazi imagery to portray the Obama health plan as something akin to the death camps of World War II. Town Hall meetings have witnessed right wing kooks using swastikas and other Nazi associations in order to prove if America has a health plan to assist those without health it is merely the first step on the road to Auschwitz.

David Harris, head of the National Jewish Democratic Council, blasted Rush Limbaugh’s tactics of likening health care to Nazism. “Limbaugh’s horrifying use of Hitler references and swastikas is deeply offensive and wildly inappropriate, and it has to stop now.” Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League stated bluntly “the use of Nazi symbolism is outrageous.”

I do not understand the attitude of Democratic leaders who are attacking Rush Limbaugh and those seeking to end the Nazi style Obama health plan. Everyone knows that prisoners in death camps had available an Obama style health plan and that is the reason so many died in the camps. Once doctors provide affordable health care to people it is the first step on the road to crematoriums.

Americans Display Stupidity On Gates Incident

Ah, the great American debate on racism continues with latest poll results indicating 41 percent of the nation disapprove of the president’s handling of the situation while 29 percent approve. Yes, this is an important milestone in race relations in this country. Sgt. Crowley has encountered hundreds of situations in which people raised their voices to him, and no arrest was made, but for some reason he decided a 58 year-old man weighing about 150 pounds who teaches at Harvard represented a “threat” requiring back up support! Give me a break. Sgt. Crowley over-reacted, made a mistake, and refuses to acknowledge his error. Perhaps, from now on Sgt. Crowley will arrest every 150 pound elderly man who raises his voice, but I doubt if that will ever happen.

America, get your head on straight. There are about 700,000 people in jail for drug offenses, and a high percentage of those individuals are of African American and Hispanic backgrounds. This is the face of REAL RACISM, but for some reason it does not register on the typical American’s anger level. Black and Hispanic individuals are halted at a much higher percentage than whites, that is racism. Live like an African American for a week and see if you don’t come away with a new recognition that racism exists in this nation.

Does what I write suggest there has not been dramatic progress on race issues? Of course, there has been a virtual revolution, but the voyage has begun, not concluded.

P.S. I suspect many who are upset at the word “stupid” do not become upset at the rantings of hate expressed every night by Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly. I wonder why.

Let’s Crowley And Birthrite The Black Dude!

The Republican crazies are out in full force to prove Barack Obama is not a “real American” but some foreign import, you know, someone like Alexander Hamilton who came from Jamaica. Our young men and women are risking their lives to fight battles against those who show no respect for human life while here at home, loonies of the right would be willing to destroy any chance for a decent health care system or restoration of the economy because they still can’t get right with the idea some black dude is president of the nation. The Sgt. Crowley episode is a vivid example that right wingers instinctively come to the defense of anyone accused of racism because in their delusions the concept of racism does not exist in America. Of course, to be honest, they really believe white folk are victims of racism and it is necessary to defend the rights of millionaires before those who are poor or unemployed.

I have taught dozens of police in my course on the history of crime. Most policemen are decent, hard working, underpaid and under appreciated, but they do make mistakes because they are human. Anyone working in the public arena MUST make mistakes because there are too many variables simultaneously assaulting one’s senses. Sgt. Crowley’s account of the incident now conflicts with the one who made the original call, Lucia Whalen. Sg. Crowley is not lying, no one involved in the incident is lying. Each person saw and heard what they wanted to hear and see. Reality is that Sgt. Crowley has ignored Hundreds of incidents in which people raised their voices, he walked away without making an arrest. I have no idea why this decent individual lost his cool and made a “stupid arrest.” I have taught 15,000 students in my life and there have been dozens of examples when I simply lost my cool and did something that I later realized was stupid. As President Obama said, let’s move on from this incident.

As for the birth certificate madness, it is clear Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, and the idiot congresswomen from Minnesota are not interested in anything other than destroying the reputation of President Obama. If the nation has to go under, so be it in their view, the important thing is to ensure their voices of ignorance are heard. As Shakespeare put it centuries ago, their comments are “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Israel Haters Smear Obama Speech

We define an “Israel Hater” as one who urges the nation of Israel to pursue policies that only reinforce isolation and prevent the Jewish people from uniting with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. President Obama made an eloquent explanation of the meaning of the Holocaust and anyone with an iota of brain power understood he was making clear to President Ahmadinejad of Iran and those in the Muslim world who deny the Holocaust that such thinking lacks an historical background. He also spoke of the plight of Palestinians who suffer under the rule of an Israel occupation army that denies people their right to self determination. Rush Limbaugh, the great defender of truth lashed out at Obama for comparing the Holocaust to the suffering of Palestinians. No such comparison was ever made in the speech, but to those who hate Israel and wish it to remain in an isolated position living in constant fear, the very mention that Palestinians have suffered is enough to prove a speaker hates the Jewish people.

In this blog I vigorously attacked Professor Robinson for specifically making a comparison between the Holocaust and the Gaza invasion. President Obama became the first American leader who has spoken out publicly against Israel policies which prevent the people of Gaza from enjoying freedom of movement and policies that illegally seize land of Palestinians. The Palestinian people have suffered, they have endured what Obama termed the indignities that any people under occupation must encounter. That does NOT mean the Israel government has a policy to kill Palestinians or to force them into starvation.

It is a sad day when any Jewish liberal or any supporter of Israel has to rely on the likes of Rush Limbaugh as a spokesman for truth. Barack Obama spoke honestly, he was critical of Muslim extremists and he was critical of certain policies of the Israel government. He made clear American ties with Israel were unbreakable. But, Republican smear artists seek to arouse fear and hate by claiming Obama connected the Holocaust to Israel actions toward Palestinians. These Republicans seek votes, not the truth. These Republicans seek to continue the current impasse in the Middle East, not to forge new bonds of friendship.

John McCain, Rush Limbaugh, And New York Times

John McCain has suddenly become a darling of the religious and far right crowd because the New York Times published an article which claimed there might have been a romantic relationship between the senator and a female lobbyist. Rush Limbaugh and other TV pundits are up in arms at the very suggestion a prominent political leader could be chaged with sexul misconduct and accuses the New York Times of slanderous news reporting. It is reported thousands of dollars are pouring into McCain’s coffers as a result of this newspaper attack. Rush hopes McCain has learned from this lesson what happens when one is friendly to liberals who halt at no point in their mean-spirited manner of slandering right thinking political leaders.

Perhaps, I have been sleep walking these past few years, but don’t I recall Mr. Limbaugh –AND the New York Times printing slanderous comments about the alledged Whitewater Scandal? I assume the New York Times prints all the news that is fit to print when it publishes false accusations against Democrats. The Clintons were never proven guilty of anything related to Whitewater but Rush Limbaugh– AND the New York Times had a field day smearing their reputations. I believe Mr. Limbaugh never said a word about Monica Lewinsky on his program because he does not believe in discussing the personal romantic lives of political leaders. If there was an Olympic medal for hypocrisy, Rush Limbaugh would win the Gold.

The New York Times received information from a former aide of John McCain who hinted there may have been improper behavior on the part of McCain. After all, the Senate reprimanded McCain in the 1980s for improper behavior involving a banking scandal. Their was certainly grounds to pursue the story. Perhaps, Mr. Limbaugh can agree to halt any further personal attacks on Democrats in exchange for Democrats halting personal comments about his new hero, John McCain.

Fundamentalist Christians Defame Military Dead

During the past few years, numerous military funerals of those who died in Iraq or Afghanistan have been disturbed by a sect of fundamentalist Christians who regard the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as punishment for the nation’s tolerance of homosexuality. Last year at the funeral of Matthew Snyder these tormented souls who bring their children to observe demonstrations, interrupted the funeral with shouts and signs like, “Thank God For Dead Soldiers.” Albert Snyder, father of the dead Marine, is suing the sect. He is still angry at comments during his son’s funeral that his son was supporting “Roman Catholic monstrosity” and that he was fighting for the “United Stats of Sodomy.” Church members assert their only goal is alerting America to its moral decay and among the signs they displayed were “Semper Si Fags.”

This case raises critical questions as to the meaning of free speech. Are vulgar and shocking statements protected by the First Amendment? What are, if any, limits to protection of free speech under the Bill of Rights? Snyder’s father claims his son was not fighting for “hate speech,” but who decides what is or isn’t “hate speech?” It is interesting that Rush Limbaugh will pontificate about liberals defaming the military, one can only wonder if he feels as emotional about fundamentalist Christian insults of our fighting men?