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Teenage German Killer Murders Students And Teachers

A teenager dressed in black fatigues entered Albertville high school in Winnenden where he soon proceeded to fire at students and teachers in an outburst of violence which resulted in the death of 11 students and three teachers. The boy identified only as Tim K, then left the building, halted a car and drove to the town of Wendlingen where he became engaged in a shoot out with police that eventually led to his death. Police stormed the home of the boy where they discovered at least 18 guns that belonged to his father. His mother was taken into custody which most probably will be done to the father. There is great concern that weapons may have been lying around and were not locked up.

The story invariably follows the same script in these school shootings. A teacher described Tim K. as “inconspicuous” which most probably means teachers were not involved in his life. A friend described Tim K. as “disturbed” and the type of boy who is viewed as a loner y others. These shootings almost always occur in suburban or rural schools rather than urban area high schools. The boys dress in black or in fatigues as though trying to present the appearance of being part of the military. They usually fire at random and kill without any sense of signaling out those to be murdered.

Schools spend large amounts of money on “security” without ever realizing the best security in having caring teachers and having the faculty be aware of those who are loners and being outcast from their peers.