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Flirting In Saudi Arabia Hazardous To Hair!

During the 1960s in America, conservatives their cvilizaion was headed for collapse because young men wore their hair long. Prince Fahd bin Badr, governor of an area in northern Saudi Arabia, has decided long hair on the part of men might be OK, but long hair on the part of men who hang around female high schools and flirt with young women on their way home violates the basic values of Muslim society. He has ordered authorities to seize such young men, and, on the spot, cut off their long hair because the men are violating Muslim restrictions against “emulating” female attire or physical appearance. For some reason, flirting has now been linked to male long hair on the ground since women have long hair, then males with long hair are emulating women.

If one pursues the logic of the governor’s dictum, since women have two arms and males have two arms, at least one of the male arms should be amputated in order to eliminate any resemblance to female physical appearance. After all, amputating arms and legs is a well known procedure in Saudi Arabia, and in this case it would serve a purpose by ending flirting in public. There is no doubt, flirting is the major factor in destroying family life in Saudi Arabia. Of course, flirting does often result in males and females marrying, so…….