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Bhutto Defies Musharraf In Pakistan!

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said that under no conditions would she serve in a future government containing President Musharraf as its leader. “I simply won’t be able to believe anything he says.” She indicated her Pakistan People’s Party would not participate in the upcoming January elections because they are “nothing more than a stage-managed show to return the PML(Pakistan Muslin League) to power.” The PML is the party of Musharraf. Even as she spoke, her supporters were opening fire in Karachi on police stations while another group was beginning the march that Musharraf had refused to allow her to lead. Ms. Bhutto said she would reach out to all opposition parties in Pakistan in order to form a new coalition of political groups that are committed to establishment of a democratic Pakistan government. She already is in the process of contacting Nawaz Sharif, a main political opponent, in order to secure his support for the new coalition.

Ironically, Musharraf has so fouled up the situation in Pakistan that inadvertently the president is creating a coalition of formerly disparate groups who are now ready to come together in the name of democracy. This could not have happened without the bumbling authoritarianism of Musharraf. Hopefully, America will avoid any stupid actions such as attempting to safeguard nuclear facilities and allow the new Bhutto coalition a chance to organize Pakistan.

Bhutto Back Under House Arrest In Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto was given a seven day restraining order to stop from leading a mass rally to demand an end to the state of emergency. She was also placed l;under house arrest on Monday evening. There are reports over 200 police and army personnel are surrounding the home of Seantor Latif Khousa where Ms. Bhutto was visiting when the order came for her to abandon any thought of marching. “She,” said Minister of Information, Tariq Azim, “will not be allowed to break the law, hence, there will be no long march.” There are reports the Taliban has sent suicide bombers to Lahore to kill Ms. Bhutto. Former prime minister Bhutto has now made clear she no longer is interested in any power sharing arrangement with President Musharraf.

The Pakistan situation continues to crumble. Reports are circulating that America is planning some type of operation that would result in safe guarding Pakistan nuclear facilities against seizure by Islamic groups. The Pakistan government insists those facilities are well guarded.