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Who Changed Mind Of Lord Goldsmith About Iraq War?

The ongoing saga of how the decision for war against Iraq was made by the English government continues to raise more questions than answers. Attorney General Lord Goldsmith told Prime Minister Tony Blair in July, 2002 that an invasion of Iraq without specific authorization by the UN Security Council raised serious legal issues. He made clear to the prime minister the absence of such authorization meant the proposed invasion would be an illegal action. He even pointed out that by simply assisting the US invasion, his nation would be engaged in supporting an illegal invasion. Prime MInister Tony Blair was obviously irritated by this information and responded, “we do not need any further advice on this matter.” Of course, the Chilcot inquiry has witnessed other members of the Blair Cabinet also state they advised against invasion on the ground there was no evidence of any WMD.

For some reason, Attorney General Goldsmith on March 7, 2003, just days before the invasion did a flip flop and told Blair the invasion was a legal action. Why did he change his mind? Did anyone help change his mind? Did Prime Minister Tony Blair play a role in this mind change? These questions have yet to be answered.

Wrong Citizenship Procedures-British Style!

A visit to any American classroom during which children stand and pledge allegiance to the flag of their nation reveals mumbling, boredom, and the exact opposite of any feeling of patriotism. Lord Goldsmith is recommending new procedures which he believes will enhance patriotism on the part of children. Included are a new national public holiday to celebrate Britishness, making childlren take part in citizenship ceremonies, and ensuring everyone speaks English. “We already teach schoolchildren what citizenship means, but it would make sense to have a coming-of-age ceremeony which marks the moment they move from being a student of citizenship to being a real citizenship in themselves.”

The best rsponse to this meaningless dribble proposed by Lord Goldsmith was made by Lady Kennedy, a civil rights lawyer: “I see this as an empty gesture. To ask 16 year-olds to troop into a hall and like Ameircans put their hands on their heart and take an oath of allegieance is risible.”

Citizenship arises from being engaged in a society in meaningful ways. It comes from taking pride in one’s nation’s behavior as a democratic society. Unfortunately, for British, as well as American children, the past five years in which their leaders lied to them an caused the death of thousands, has done more to damage feelings of citizenship than all the ceremonies will ever accomplish.