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Sarkozy Sarcasm Angers Colleagues

President Nicolas Sarkozy has definitely earned the title of “the mouth that roared nonsense,” particularly after his latest episode in the art of insult. At a lunch with 24 French Senators and MPs, the man whose foot is always in his mouth proceeded to hurl one insult after another. He described Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero as stupid, German Chancellor Angela Merkel as someone who did what Sarkozy told her to do, and by the end of the luncheon he made light of President Obama as inexperienced and most probably in need of advice from the man who never fails to provide advice, asked or not. Ironically, his fellow loud mouth, Silvio Berlusconi received high marks, most probably because they share a penchant for saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

According to one report, the French president said when Obama arrives in France this June, he will be asked to walk across the English Channel, “and he’ll do it.” We assume Mr. Sarkozy expects to be asked to address the American Congress in order to share his analysis of people and events. As for Sarah Palin…..