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Democratic Israel Seeks To Become UnDemocratic!

The essence of a democratic society is the right of each individual to express viewpoints that agree, disagree or ignore governing authorities of the state. Many years ago, the US Supreme Court issued its famous doctrine of “not being able to shout fire in a crowded theater” which separated speech from action that endangered the lives of other people. The Knesset has okayed a bill that makes it a crime to publicly deny Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. The bill is obviously directed at Arab Israelis who believe Israel is a state composed of people with differing religions and viewpoints. One can disagree with that concept of Israel, but to deny people the right to campaign for a multi-religious nation is to deny the very basis of democracy.

Fortunately, in democratic Israel there are still leaders such as MK Haim Oron(Meretz) who exploded in anger and dismay by commenting, “what exactly are you doing? Creating a thought police? Have you run off the rails?” On the other hand, there are the destroyers of democracy like Avigdor Lieberman who want every citizen to take a loyalty oath to the state of Israel or not be given an identity card.

I have opposed the past government of the United States. Millions have also opposed the tyrannical government of George Bush. Who is the loyal American– supporters or defenders of the Bush government?