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Last Words On Gun Lovers And Heroes

Over the past few years I have engaged in debates with gun supporters in which any attempt to introduce common sense or rationality is greeted with cries I wish to take away their 2nd Amendment rights and foster dictatorship in America. Recently, I noted efforts by gun supporters in Congress to deny the VA the right to place individuals they deem a threat to themselves or others in the federal database on grounds to do so would deny veterans their right to a weapon. The purpose of placing names in the federal database is to protect individuals from doing harm, but to gun lovers, everyone has a sacred right to kill himself or others and to deny that right violates the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

I continually encounter individuals who insist they need their rifles and assault weapons in case a “tyrannical government” seeks to take away their rights. They boast of being ready to fight against tyranny. Funny, the United States has been under the rule of a tyrannical President Bush but I never witnessed any evidence of men with rifles storming into the streets to protect our liberties. Actually, the American Civili Liberties Union did more to protect American rights than all the gun lovers in this nation put together.

From 1865 to 1945, approximately 5000 Americans were lynched. In most cases those doing the lynching were white males who used their rifles and revolvers to seize innocent people and lynch them from the nearest tree and afterwards burn bodies or cut off pieces to display. Perhaps, gun lovers can cite examples of where mobs of white men used their weapons to protect the liberties of Americans. If possession of a rifle is required to ensure our liberties where were all those men when blacks or Asians or Italians or gays were being lynched? The RECORD is clear, white men with weapons have been the cause of more deaths of innocent people than any other group in the history of this nation. Let me stand corrected. There were a few cases during the Populist Revolt when mobs of white men protected black Populist members against the KKK. Unfortunately, those same men several years later joined with the KKK to strip blacks of their rights.

I wonder if those who proclaim they are ready to take up arms against the American government realize to do so makes them a traitor and subject to the death penalty. The last group of white men who took up arms belonged to the Confederacy and their rebellion led to the death of over 500,000 Americans.

Let me make clear, I have no problem with people having guns to use against unarmed deer or those pesky squirrels who threaten them by baring teeth. Their problem is the lack of common sense. There is no need for assault weapons unless they are incompetent hunters. There is need for checks on people who purchase guns. Above all, there is need for gun lovers to shut up about the need for weapons to use against a “tyrannical government” because their record during the Bush era was a total blank.

Since any comment about this essay will begin with the claim I am against people having guns, let me restate if it makes anyone feel heroic killing an unarmed deer, please be my guest. Above all, knock off the phony heroics.

An Apology Long Overdue

More then six decades after a tragic example of racism in America in which African American soldiers wee wrongfully accused of a crime, the United States armed forces issued an apology. The Army acknowledged that 28 black soldiers were wrongly convicted after a riot and lynching of an Italian in Seattle during World War II. Ronald James, assistant secretary of the Army form manpower and reserve affairs, admitted, “The Army is genuinely sorry. I am genuinely sorry.” the convictions of the soldiers was set aside, their dishonorable discharges were changed to honorable discharged and they and their survivors were awarded back pay for their time in the brig.

the incident happened on August 14, 1944 when a scuffle broke out between a black soldier and an Italian POW. Forty three soldiers were charged with rioting and three with murder. One soldier was charged with rioting even though witnesses said he tried to quell the disturbance.

The American army during World War II was segregated and blacks were basically made to work in serves like driving trucks or building things. It was a world that hopefully will never again return as the nation has moved past that tragic era.