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Taiwan Walks Tightrope With China

Newly elelcted president of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou, whose confrontational pro-independence polcies have angered China has made clear he wants to find a way in which the rights of Taiwan can be protected without angering China. His Nationalist Party has never renounced a desire for an eventual unification with China, but that goal is hardly one which raises enthusiasm on Taiwan. Ma seeks to emphasize economic relations and push political issues to the backburner. He wants a huge expansion in tourists from China and would like to integrate Taiwan even more closely with the expanding Chinese economy.

Ma is being very careful to emphasize Taiwan’s link to Chinese history and will even refer to Taiwan as the Republic of China. He wants detente with China, he wants close economic ties, but he also wants Taiwan to control its own destiny as an independent democratic nation. Perhaps, in twenty years mainland China will have become a democratic society which would end any problems in bringing together these two historic Chinese entities.