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African Leaders To Blame About Zimbabwe

Graca Machel, the former Mozambican first lady, blamed leaders of Africa for failure to deal in an honest and intelligent manner with the problems in Zimbabwe. “Politicians have very large egos to protect. They don’t care if another thousand, another thousand, and another thousand die, as long as they protect their egos.” She was speaking at a gathering of church leaders who are attempting to help the people of Zimbabwe. Ms. Machel, undoubtedly was referring to leaders of the Southern African Development Community, who regard the tyrant Robert Mugabe as an old comrade in arms from the days when they all fought colonialism. This has led them to ignore the disaster Mugabe has inflicted on his own people.

Ms. Machel emphasized that in the past African leaders stood united against oppression, but today they ignore Mugabe mistakes and turn a blind eye to the 2,300 cholera deaths in Zimbabwe because Mugabe is friend. Which comes first, the people or their friend?