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Israel-Only Nation On Planet Earth Guilty Of Anything!!

Nobel Peace Laureate, Mairead Maguire accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” policies in east Jerusalem where there are plans to tear down 90 Arab homes. “I believe the Israeli government policies are against international law, against human rights, against the dignity of the Palestinian people.” If the demolition policy is carried out about 1,500 people will be left homeless. It definitely is heartening that Ms. Maguire is taking a strong stand against ethnic cleansing and her defense of the 1,500 people is notable. Of course, at this very moment on planet Earth there are numerous examples of ethnic cleansing and one can only wonder why Ms. Maguire is only concerned about one– in Israel.

Let’s see:

In Darfur, at least 200,000 have been killed in ethnic cleansing and about one million forced to flee their homes.
In the Congo, five million are dead and millions forced to flee homes as invading armies conduct policies of death and destruction in order to drive people away from rich mineral sources.
In Myanmar a brutal army led government has been conducting ethnic cleaning against several groups.

Just one question, Ms. Maguire–given the death of 200,000 in Darfur or the death of thousands in Myanmar, why aren’t you speaking out about those ethnic cleansing? Oh, I forgot, there are no Jews involved in real ethnic cleansing. We all know that 1,500 people who have lost their homes is much worse than 200,000 who have died.

Let me make clear our opposition to Israel policies on the West Bank and in Jerusalem, but how about a sense of proportion. The MAIN ISSUE ABOUT ETHNIC CLEANSING AT THIS MOMENT IS IN DARFUR AND IT IS BEING CARRIED OUT BY MUSLIMS!