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Did Dots Lead To Nothing In Hasan Case?

The Monday morning quarterbacks are out in force seeking to uncover why someone in the vast bureaucracy of the government that devotes endless hours seeking to uncover terrorists was not able to spot the deranged Major Hasan. Senator Leahy is curious as to why the dots were not connected and Hasan caught before he killed anyone. The one certainty of American life is that after any tragedy, an investigating committee is formed to find out about dots and why no one identified patterns. Of course, on the extreme conspiracy theorists already are claiming someone in the Obama administration knew all about Hasan but did nothing to halt the carnage. We will shortly learn that Major Hasan is the long lost brother of Barack Obama.

Reality is often difficult to accept. There are always dots that are never connected because in 99% of dot cases nothing will happen. There is no way anyone can prevent an emotionally sick individual to kill. This country prides itself on the right to have access to guns and other weapons which is a guarantee at some point a sick person will kill. Sick people killing is the equivalent of emotionally unstable people in cars who wind up killing. There is no conspiracy, there are just sick humans.

Congress Gets In Fort Hood Act

The tragedy of Ft. Hood is still in the minds of Americans and nonstop questions about why or why not or what else could have been done reverberate throughout the nation. Several congressional committees are exploring the possibility of conducting investigations about events at the base. Yes, just what we need, a political sideshow into a tragedy in which those with limited knowledge of the military or the minds of men and women in the service summon “experts” to explain the workings of a man who committed a deadly attack on his fellow soldiers. Frankly, the United States Army is quite capable of investigating the events and there are plenty of army psychiatrists around who can offer opinions.

Just for once, can politicians remain off base and allow those on the base to do their jobs? Most probably, the nation eventually will understand more about the mental functions of Major Hasan. Unfortunately, gaining this knowledge is a bit too late. Unfortunately, there are other such individuals in the service and they will eventually explode. No congressional committee can avoid this probability.