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Israel Caves In On Human Rights Activist Arrest

The Israel government finally admitted it had arrested a leading Palestinian human rights activist on charges of spying for Lebanon. A gagging order issued by Israeli courts had prevented the media for reporting on the seizure of Amir Makhoui by security forces and his detention without bail for over a week. Israeli police charged that Makhoui and Omar Sayid, a political leader, were working with Hizbollah in order to assist that terrorist organization in its conflict with Israel. Makhoui defenders argue that Israel police define any form of contacts with groups like Hizbollah as aiding and abetting terrorism. Makhoui has been challenging Israel policies toward its Muslim citizens and this has angered those in authority.

The problem is a failure on the part of Israel to understand the importance of working with Arab human rights groups since they seek peace, not war. Those in the forefront of the battle to empower all citizens with equal rights are ON the side of Israel, not against its form of government.