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Mugabe Acts To Drive Out Foreign Corporations

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who has already destroyed his nation’s farm system took another step in his ever destructive policies of bankrupting a nation which has a 100,000% inflation rate by signing a bill that requires all foreign firms in his nation to give majority control to Zimbabweans. The last time Mugabe forced out foreigners and gave their land to Zimbabweans, it turned out those receiving the land were cronies and supporters of the president, not people able to become effective farm owners. A third of the population has fled their nation in hope of finding work and the semblance of organization in other nations. The farm system has collapsed. Now, Mugabe is going to drive out foreign business interests in order to portray himself as the defender of his people against foreign imperialist elements who rob them of their natural riches. The rhetoric of revolution is the rhetoric of economic disaster.

In the “democratic election” now taking place Mugabe’s opponent, Simba Makon, has been banned from use of television while the president continues his nonstop effort to present himself as the only one capable of leading Zimbabwe. There is no question he is leading the nation to an inflation rate of 200,000% and the loss of another 3,000,000 people who will have to leave in order to survive.

Mugabe Gets Support From Zimbabwe Leaders

Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980 when it received its independence and believes he alone knows what is best for people of his nation. He once again is running for office of the president and putting pressure on other government officials to head off his opponent, Simba Makoni. Joyce Mujunu, who many observers hoped would oppose Mugabe, threw her support behind him and said, “you should vote for comrade Mugabe.” Meanwhile, the head of the prison service, General Zmondi, ordered all members of the service to vote for Mugabe or else. “I am giving you an order to vote for the president,” he told prison officers.

There is little doubt vote fraud will be common in the Zimbabwe election and Mugabe intends to remain in power, regardless of the cost to his nation. It is estimated about three million people have fled the country which has about a 50% unemployment rate. Unfortunately, the African Union will not take a stand against a fellow African leader although they would fight against white rulers. That is the ultimate tragedy for the continent of Africa.

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe In Tirade

President Mugabe, who will soon celebrate his 84th birthday and has been ruling his nation for a quarter of a century, has difficulty if anyone challenges his authoritarian approach to life. He termed his political opponent, Simba Makoni, a “prostitute” for seeking to restore good relations with Western nations and ensure his nation escapes from the disasterous Mugabe policies which have wrecked the nation’s economy and created an inflation rate than now is at 100,000%. Makoni was the former finance minister in Mugabe’s government, but he was expelled last week for daring to challenge the president. Ibbo Mandaza, an aide to Makoni, dismissed the Mugabe comment by saying: “Are you surprised by that? We are looking forward at the post-election period where we will give him the kind of respect and security that a foounding father of this nations deserves”– retirement from politics!

Mugabe naturally claims the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) is an agent of foreign powers that seek to control Zimbabwe. The most important issue confronting the people of Zimbabwe is whether Mugabe will actually allow a free election. If he again uses brutality and cries of “national security” to thwart the wishes of the people, it can be expected further chaos will ensue in a nation living with chaos.

Elections — Zimbabwe Style–Dish Out The Corn!

Robert Mugabe has been president of Zimbabwe for nearly three decades during which time he has completely wrecked his nation’s economy, made half the population unemployed, and forced millions to flee in search of a decent life. Mugabe is once again running for president but he ran into a problem when his Finance Minister, Sima Makoni, turned against him and decided to run for president. Makoni has asked members of the ruling Zanu PF to stand with him in opposing the dictatorial rule of Mugabe. But, in the world of Mugabism, opposition is not something to be taken lightly. Makoni supporters are encountering threats of violence and there is blatant vote buying. In the town of Masvingo, a government minister dstributed free sport kits to children and in western Zimbabwe, people recieved 50kg bags of corn meal.

The nations of the African Union have stood by silently while fellow Africans are abused and threatened without saying or doing anything. The least members of the African Union can do is to send election observers into Zimbabwe and try to protect the rights of people to enjoy a free election.

Rival To Corrupt Mugabe In Zimbabwe?

During the past two decades Robert Mugabe has transformed a once prosperous nation into the economic basketcase of the world. The unemployment rate is over 50%. It has an inflation rate of over 2,000% while hundreds of thousands have fled the nation in search of jobs. In election after election Mugabe has been able to stifle opposition through means of intimidation or outright fraudulent vote counting. Solomon Makoni, a high ranking member of the Mugabe ZANU PF party has emerged to challenge the incumbent and try for once to offer a viable choice to the people of Zimbabwe who actually might get elected. Makoni is a Leed University educated chemist who is known within party ranks for being honest and seeking to create democracy in his nation.

There probably is no “perfect candidate” in Zimbabwe and voters will have to select the best possible person. They must get rid of Mugabe to give their nation an opportunity to achieve some form of economic, political, and social recovery. Mr. Makoni might be the right person if he can forge an alliance within his party with those who know Mugabe must go. Good luck.