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Malaysia Continues Descent Into Destroying Democracy

Malaysia has been regarded for decades as a nation which is committed to democracy even though the same coalition of parties rules the state with an iron fist. However, the winds of change are swirling and each example of cracking down on those who oppose the government only appear to make Malaysia’s rulers appear incompetent and out of touch with reality. The government came under renewed criticism when the Home Minister arrested a journalist on grounds he was merely trying to protect her against violence. Tan Hoon Cheng, a reporter for a Chinese language newspaper together with the editor of an opposition newspaper because their critical remarks about the government some how would result in ethnic violence that eventually would cause them to be assaulted.

Anwar Ibrahim, has been attempting to create a new coalition of parties which would ensure that minorities in Malaysia finally obtained a voice in government. The government has charged him with various crimes in order to silence anyone who dares challenge the establishment which rules the nation. Fortunately, Anwar is committed to a pluralistic society in which all members have a voice in government. He also seeks to end the rigid rule which prevents students from participating in politics.

Malaysian Politician Warns Chinese Not To Be Like Jews!

Malaysia’s governing coalition is in an uproar after a Malaysian political leader warned the Chinese minority not to emulate the behavior of Jews in America. Ahmad Ismail, told the Chinese minority in the nation: “I urge the Chinese not to become like the Jewish in America, where it is not enough that they control the economy, but they also want to dominate politics.” He added in threatening tones: “consider this a warning from the Malays. The patience of the Malays has a limit. Do not push us against the wall, for we will b e forced to turn back and push the Chinese for our own survival.” Gerakan, an ethnic Chinese-based party, has announced it was leaving the coalition government.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawai is furious at the remarks which have fractured his coalition. He is engaged in a fierce fight over power with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and the last thing he needs is to create problems with the Chinese ethnic minority. Chinese and Indian minorities who constitute about 40% of the population are demanding greater access to power in government and the Malays are hesitant to give them much power.

Butt Out Says Singapore To Condi Rice!

The government of Malaysia is upset at comments made by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice concerning the case of Anwar Ibrahim who has been charged with sodomy by Singapore authorities. Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, revived his political career– which previously had also been sidetracked by sexual molestation charges– and organized a three party coalition which obtained 82 seats in the 222 member Parliament. Rice had indicated American concern that Singapore’s political process was abusing the rights of its citizens by making false charges against a prominent politician. Malaysian Foreign Minister Rais Yatim accused Washington with interfering in an internal matter that was none of its business.

Rice argued it was not a simple internal matter, but one involving human rights since an important political leaders has twice been charged with sexual misconduct when he appears to be gaining political power. “We are always going to speak up on human rights cases, political cases,” argued the US Secretary of State.

There is something unusual when a political opponent is charged with sexual misconduct each time he apparently is securing popular appeal in his society. We don’t mean to butt it, we’re just wondering and asking questions.

Malaysian Opposition Leader Arrested

Several weeks ago the ruling party of Malaysia was shocked by severe losses in parliamentary elections and within a few weeks initiated action against the main opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, who was charged with a sexual crime. This is not the first time Anwar has been accused of such sexual misconduct, but the coincidence of parliamentary losses and accusations against a major political opponent certainly raises questions. Anwar was arrested after returning from a session with the Anti Corruption Agency where he provided information about mistakes made in his earlier case of sexual misconduct. His lawyer told the press his client was being arrested into alleged “carnal intercourse against the order of nature.” We assume this means sodomy.

Anwar’s followers are upset because for weeks the media has attempted to demonize their leader as a sexual predator. They believe it is a repeat of the actions taken against Anwar in 1998 when he was charged with carnal intercourse. The arrest took place 15 hours after Anwar told the nation he was standing for election and if his party gained control of the legislature he would push for laws to lower fuel costs.

The world of politics should be free of any connection with how an individual conducts his or her love life. All forms of sexual intercourse are natural and are in accordance of the natural order of life. How can they be anything else?

Malaysia Embroiled In Political Sex Charges

Anwar Ibrahim, leader of Malaysia’s opposition coalition which won a tremendous victory in last month’s election for the legislature, was accused by police of having sodomized an aide. In order to avoid being arrested the charismatic political leader has taken refuge in the Dutch Embassy in Kula Lumpur. Anwar claims the entire charge is an “attempt by the government to crush his political party,” and is a complete fabrication. His wife has supported her husband and insists there is no evidence of any improper sexual behavior on his part.

Anwar claims he has received death threats after his coalition made tremendous gains by obtaining 82 of the 222 seats in parliament. The ruling National Front alliance is apparently frightened because Anwar has reached out to members of its own coalition in order to persuade them to cross over. The National Front has been in power for years and, most probably, like any party in power for a long time, it is reluctant to actually allow an opposition party to take over the government. The prime minister denies knowledge of the police investigation which doesn’t come across as being an honest statement.

Dear Osama Offers Advice To Women…

Women in northern Malaysia are being offered advice on how to dress and how to behave in public by learned religious authorities who are concerned for their welfare. The Pan-Malaysian Islamist Party, which recently scored a large success in an election, has undertaken the responsibility of letting women know what is expected of them when they go to work or get a bite to eat in a restaurant. Women have been given pamphlets which suggest they avoid using lipstick and make certain they are not wearing those flashy high heels which, for some reason, attract rapists in Malaysia. The Islamist party has already segregated beaches to keep men and women apart and even requires separate check out lines in supermarkets. Of course, any couples found sitting together on a park bench face the prospect of a fine and a lecture. Critics of the party refer to it as, “Taliban-Light.”

It is such behavior by Islamist parties which cause people in the world to shake their head in bewilderment. Who decided wearing high heels was a provocative action? Why does wearing lipstick entice men to attack women? Such edicts only make non-believers even more firm in their non-belief.

Islamists Blame Girl Blouses For Sexual Attraction

Malaysia’s education minister rejected complaints from religious groups that schoolgirl uniforms were too sexy and invited rape by men. Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, responded by saying, “It is unfair to punish women and children and the clothes they wear for the act of rapists. From what I have seen, clothing is not the main consderation of those who commit despicable acts.” The uniform became an issue after a little-known group, the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia, claimed the loose fitting white blouse worn by schoolgirls was too transparent. The group which claims to represent 5,000 men, said the uniform “disturbs the eyes of men, whether they like to see it or not..Because of that molestation, premarital sex and all kinds of things occur.”

The women’s wing of the oppostition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, urged education authorities to pay attention to the complaint. “We can’t ignore the fact that the material used to make thse uniforms is too thin and it makes the girls look sexy, especially when they are not wearing the heard scarf, which can cover their chests.”

Lost in the complaint is the simple reality that men who don’t want to become sexually aroused can look down at the ground when encountering schoolgirls. Of course, it appears the men who are becoming sexually aroused are the ones making the complaint. Perhaps, they might consider the possibility that girls are not attracted to the men who are becoming aroused.

Immigration Issue A Problem-In Malaysia,That Is!

There are an estimated 200 million people in the world today who fit the definition of being an “immigrant.” President Susilo Barnbang Yudhoyono of Indonesia and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badwai of Malaysis are trying to resolve problems arising from the influx into Malaysia of large numbers of Indonesian migrant workers. They are drawn by the attraction of better paying jobs than what they can find in their own country. A major issue is the lack of protection afforded Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia. Indonesia’s foreign minister urged the Malaysian government to “speed up the process oto grant migrant wrkers identification cards” that could serve as a substitute for passports. Indonesian officials are upset that in many cases employers seize passports which allows them to maintain strict control of the migrant workers.

It is estimated last year about 48 Indonesian migrant workers died under mysterious circumstances. It is also believed about 1,500 Indonesian maids flee from employers each monthdue to abuse, long working hours or low pay. There is little question Indonesian migrant complaints get short shrift in Malaysian courts. Perhaps, at some point, there is need for some global approach to the global issue of migration.

Is Allah OK Or Should It Be Tuhan?

A Catholic weekly newspaper in Malaysia has been told to cease using the word “Allah” in its Malay language section or it wants to get a renewal of its license to publish. A senior official in the secruity Minister says the word God as “Allah” is only allowed to be used by Muslims and Christians can not use that word without offending those of the Muslim faith. “Christians cannot use the word Allah. It is only applicable to Muslims. Allah is only for the Muslim god. This is a design to confuse the Muslim people.”

Although the nation’s constitution promises freedom of religion, many religious minorities complain about denial of their right to practice their religious beliefs. They have been denied the right to construct churches and Hindus have complained about demolition of temples by government authorities. Rev. Lawrence
Andrew, editor of the Herald, said the use of the word Allah was not intended to offend Muslims. “We follow the Bible. the Malay language Bible uses Allah for God and Tuhan for Lord. In our prayer and in church during Malay mass, we use the word Allah.” Government officials argue the word “Allah” is not used in English prayers so why should it be used in Malay?

At some point, Muslim religious authorities should cease trying to tell people in other religions how to pray or what to say during their prayers. To make such determinations should rest with God or Allah or the Supreme Being, but never with we mere mortals.