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Tanzania Circumcision Twist-Males The Target!

A common issue confronting people in Africa is the prevalence of forced female circumcision, but in the Meru district of Tanzania, the focus of circumcision is towards males. Gangs oftribesmen who insist all males must be circumcised according to their tribal traditions are invading the homes of males, breaking down doors, and forcing men to undergo the process in front of their families.”They(crusaders)move in gangs of between 20 nd 50 men, yu either hve to answer the door or they simply break in, “said one of the victims. “Once inside, they order you to take off your pants, or stick out your organ, not caring if there were women or children around.” Forced “Tohara” is regarded as a rite of passge that all males must experience according to tribal puritans.

A particular problem that has arisen is that many educated males who teach in schools are not circumcised. This has resulted in teachers fearing to go to school for fear the gangs will assualt them in their own classrooms. In several schools teachers have gone on strike until assured they will be protected by the police.