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End Prostitution– Criminalize Males?

Victor Malarek, who is one of Canada’s top investigative reporters argues that 90% of women in prostitution would prefer doing something else but are trapped by economic or social conditions. In many Third World countries there are limited occupational outlets for women so prostitution is something they can readily do and make money. Malarek believes most men use prostitutes to enhance their self ego and rarely think about the woman who is forced into giving her body to others. He argues the entire discussion concerning prostitution is biases. “Women carry health cards to show they are disease-free,” but why don’t men carry such cards? women are the ones who are victimized in health issues arising from prostitution.

Malarek calls for new legislation under which men who use prostitutes would be arrested while the women go free. He wants authorities to go after the “johns” of this world and cease pestering the women who do it out of economic necessity. It certainly makes sense to require a male to carry a card indicating his health is OK. Of course, if society created meaningful work for all who desired to work, fewer women would be in prostitution.