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If At First You Don’t Win, Try Again

Iraq Prime Minister Maliki controlled the government, he controlled the police, he controlled the army, and he certainly controlled most of the judiciary. For some reason, he lost the election for Parliament when his group came up with 89 seats to the 91 of his opponent, Iyad Allawi. Since the polls closed, Maliki has been howling how his opponents were guilty of election fraud and demanded a recount or some new voting. A judicial body heard his complaints and ordered a manual recount of votes in Baghdad where Maliki is strong. We expect the new vote figures will ensure the prime minister comes out on top and therefore can retain the post of prime minister.

The only remaining mystery is why Maliki even allowed his opponent to come in first in the balloting. Perhaps, he wanted to show the world he could lose, but, in the end, come out on top.