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McZuma And McMandela Lampooned In South Africa

Although the African National Congress machine led by Jacob Zuma is headed for a victory in the upcoming elections, the people of South Africa are still able to laugh at the antics of its leaders including the beloved Nelson Mandela whose acceptance of the corrupt officials of his party are an insult to every thing he fought to achieve. A new play, “MacBeki: A Farce To Be Reckoned With” lampoons everyone with equal fervor. The Mandela character in the play is a remote Shakespeare quoting intellectual more concerned with power than with confronting the issues of his nation. Zuma, who three years ago was on trial for rape of an HIV positive woman, has his stage persona respond when asked: “Did you protect your penetrative member? Your machine gun?” with the comment: “I have no need of a plastic bag. After the act, I took a shower.”

Cartoonists like Jonathan Shapiro and young comedians are making fun of just about every aspect of the current corrupt political scene. Unfortunately, as the nation laughs, the incompetent and corrupt political leaders gain control of the government. Nelson Mandela was trotted out to give an endorsement to Zuma, the man who doesn’t believe in medicine or condoms to protect against HIV infections.

Cry the beloved country of South Africa. OK, if you can’t cry, at least laugh!

Mandela Supports African National Congress

It is impossible to separate Nelson Mandela from the political world of South Africa because he embodies the spirit that led to creation of a democratic society. Therefore, it was not surprising he announced that he would endorse the African National Congress ticket in the upcoming elections. He made clear that he regards the ANC as the group which has been in the forefront of the fight for social justice in South Africa. However, although we admire and respect Nelson Mandela as among the great leaders of the world, it is sad that he will not express views on the totalitarian behavior of some ANC leaders and attempts to silence the views of opponents. Mandela urges the ANC to adopt a positive attitude and not speak ill of opponents, but there are already signs ANC activists are attempting to silence those who disagree with their platform.

Mandela remains silent about the horror that is taking place in Zimbabwe, but he can not remain silent concerning efforts in his own country to silence opposing voices. He must speak out loudly and, if necessary, withdraw support from ANC members who refuse to accept democratic procedures.

Helen Suzman Dies At 91- Hail A Hero!

Helen Suzman, who single handedly fought against apartheid in South Africa as the only representative in Parliament who openly challenged the ruling segregationist National Party, died peacefully in her sleep. She stood alone for many years in her nation against the forces of hatred and violence which denied basic rights to native black skinned South Africans. She was the only parliamentary voice which condemned he brutal treatment of political dissidents like Nelson Mandela and would never cease making her voice heard not just in her own country but through out the world.

Congress of the People head Mosiuo Lekota said he and others imprisoned on Robben Island would always be indebted to her. “No doubt, those of us who spent years of imprisonment on RobbenIsland will always remember with gratitude Helen’s dispersed visits to the island to inspect the conditions under which we were kept. She would then return as a lone voice to expose the apartheid regime’s inhuman treatment of political prisoners.”

A giant is dead.

Voice Of Mandela’s Legacy —Dead Silence!

The gallant fight by Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress for freedom in South Africa was supported by people in the UK, France, the USA, all across Asia and in virtually every African nation. People did not stand aside and say brutality in South Africa by an oppressive government was not their concern. However, despite the fact three million people have fled their native Zimbabwe to escape the madness of President Mugabe, and leaders of opposition parties have been beaten to a pulp, the government of South Africa does not believe the suffering of Zimbabweans has any connection to the people of South Africa. President Kgalema Motlanthe refused to join calls urging Mugabe to resign and allow a government representing the people of Zimbabwe to take office. He told reporters, “It’s really not for us.” He went on to question whether Britain or other nations had a right to decide what was best for the people of Zimbabwe.

The people of Zimbabwe have already spoken. They elected Morgan Tsvangirai as president, but the election was voided by Mugabe. What exactly does the South African president believe is felt by Zimbabweans living in a nation with a 212,000,000% inflation rate? What does he think they feel about over a 1,000 cholera deaths?

The world waits for Nelson Mandela to condemn the men who owe their power to his brave fight. It is time for another gallant fight by Mandela.

Can South Africa Be A Moral Leader?

The election of Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa meant more than a former rebel becoming head of the nation which had persecuted him, it represented the triumph of individuals who believed that democracy had a role in the lives of all humanity. Former president Thabo Mbeki of South Africa violated the principles that Mandela represented by refusing to take action against his friend, Robert Mugabe, despite that Zimbabwean ruler’s disregard of human rights in his nation. Now, Kgalema Motlanthe heads South Africa and there is yet any evidence he will stand with the people of Zimbabwe to resists oppression. Members of the Zimbabwean Liberation Veterans Forum which consists of those who fought against colonialism urged Motlanthe to take action and assist the suffering people of Zimbabwe.

“we as liberation fighters and senior commanders feel the ideals we fought for have been betrayed by people like Robert Mugabe. We had hoped our colleagues who fought for liberation in South Africa, Nambia and Mozambique, would hold Mugabe to account.” Despite this statement by those who fought, the response has been silence on the part of other African leaders. All they can do is hold meetings and conduct discussions. Mugabe will only respond to force.

Silence Of Nelson Mandela Haunting

The silence of Nelson Mandela on the crisis in Zimbabwe has disturbed many of his admirers who regard him as the moral voice of south Africa. He fought for the rights of all people in his struggle to end white rule in South Africa, but has been strangely silent during the brutal events in Zimbabwe. William Gumede, a political analyst notes, “every voice is needed now. And, Mr. Mandela’s is one that can hardly be bettered in terms of m oral authority.” Some believe he has hesitated speaking because President Mugabe of Zimbabwe hates him and will only do the opposite of what Mandela says.

Another reason may be his loyalty to President Mbeki of South Africa who succeeded him in office. Mandela has hesitated expressing disagreement and, except for the HIV crisis in 2000, has not make negative remarks about his successor. However, the crisis in Zimbabwe requires every voice to be heard. Mbeki’s behavior has been disgusting and lacking in any concern for the oppressed voices of the Zimbabwean people.

“Just A Game.” How Apartheid Was Beaten In South Africa

A new film, “Jut A Game,” depicts the heroic effort of South African leaders held in the Robben Island prison to fight back against apartheid through means of playing football(European version). Nelson Mandela, and other detainees, formed the Makana Football Association inside the island fortress that was officially recognized by international football bodies as a legitimate league. Most of the players were from the African National Congress whose leaders were supposed terrorists. According to Chuck Korr, an American sports historian, “It’s amazing. They followed every rule in the book. They were recreating the mundaneness of the outside world. I think partly to comfort themselves.” At first the men played covertly in their cells using balls made of paper, cardboard and rags. World pressure finally persuaded prison authorities to allow regular games to proceed. Football, according to Korr, “was about dignity and survival.”

Perhaps, this story has implications for Guantanamo prisoners who are unable to assert their human dignity but are treated as animals. What might happen to their humanity and their dignity if treated with respect as humans? Would it enable them to reflect and consider if violence is the only avenue to success? Mandela, and many of his associates, did use violence, but being in prison enabled them to rethink that approach and discover new ways of fighting for freedom.

South African President Blasts AIDs As White Plot Against Blacks!

President Thabo Mbeki considers himself an “Aids dissenter” who allowed the Cabinet to overcome his beliefs that Aids was part of a conspiracy by the white world to destroy black Africans. He urged his biographer, Mark Gevisser, to read a 100 page paper secretly authored by Mbeki several years ago which he distributed anonymously to members of the african National Congress. The paper compared Aids scientists to latter-day Nazi concentration-camp doctors and portrayed b lack people who accepted orthodox Aids science as “self-repressed” victims of a slave mentality. The paper described the HIV/Aids thesis as entrenched in “centuries-old-white racial beliefs and concepts about Africans.” According to Mbeki, whites are trying to convince Africans that HIV/Aids is a major problem in order to divert attention from issues like globalisation, unemployment, and racism. He accused those who opposed his views like Nelson Mandela as being in the pay of drug companies.

There is sadness in describing the insane ideas of a prominent African leader who played a vital role in establishing democracy in South Africa. Somehow, this intelligent man got caught up in conspiracy theories and could not escape the corrosive effects of racism which warped his way of thinking. In the end, it is estimated millions have died due to his refusal to implement an Aids program. Even today, the Aids campaign in South Africa is caught up in controversy since Mbeki’s health minister shares his strange ideas.