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The president is pondering whether to dispatch another 40,000 troops to Afghanistan because military leaders insist, regardless of cost, we need more troops on the ground. There is something rather wrong with the United States of America when it can spend over a trillion dollars(conservative figure) fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because “they must be fought” but hesitates to spend what is needed to restore economic health to the nation. Officially, there are 12,000,000 unemployed, but when adds up those who are underemployed and simply working at any job to survive or those who simply have left the job market, the figure is probably close to 20,000,000. Of the roughly 130 million people working in this country, only 20% or 26,000,000 earn over $60,000 a year, the remainder are paid about $33,000 a year.

During the 1990s, about 2,000,000 new jobs were generated each year, but since 2002 only about 900,000 are being created. This means we are headed towards a society in which twenty or thirty percent work at low paying jobs and will not be able to purchase a home. Once dad and mom die and are not around to pay the down payment, millions will not be able to afford a home.

What can be done? The secret is simple, we need to organize a modern version of the Manhattan Project which produced the atomic bomb only this time we need dozens of high tech research centers exploring new products. We need to begin a massive government paid for project to rebuild our infrastructure which would meet important economic needs while providing millions a job.