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Iraq War Veteran Arrested Over Rap Song!

George Bush began a war for no reason other then his own stupidity and incompetence, but while the former president is happy in Texas chopping wood, picking up bucks for speeches and attending football games, those he fucked are in Iraq and Afghanistan dodging bullets and explosives. Marc Hall served his latest 14 month stint in Iraq, came home and expected to be discharge since he had fulfilled the contract of his enlistment. But, he ran straight into the notorious Bush “stop-loss” program which allows the government to void a contract and keep soldiers(at least 185,00 at latest count) in the service. Hall was furious and last summer he penned some words including phrases like, “Fuck you colonels, captains, E-7 and above” as well as some words which stated his desire to line up those officers and blast them to hell.

Although, he wrote the song last summer and everyone in his company knew the words, nothing was done until he sent the songs to the Pentagon. He is now in jail in Georgia while the Army decides what to do with him. Army spokesmen said they could not allow such an open expression of hostility to go unpunished., As a veteran of the Korean War, I heard similar expressions from fellow soldiers. Speaking about how the army “fucked me over” is simply normal words from those who face death on a daily basis.

Isn’t it ironic that Marc Hall is in jail while the Ft. Hood shooter got promoted?