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Love Does Not Triumph Over Power!

The government of the Australian Capital Territory said it might vote against a proposed bill that would allow gay marriages even though their party supports the idea of gay marriage. Labor Minister Andrew Barr, who plans to register a civil partnership with his long term partner, Anthony Toms, said he would vote against the gay bill because his party came before his love for Tony. “I’m a minister in a government, that’s the responsibility you have as a member of Cabinet and as a member of the Labor Party.”

Greens are fighting to provide equality in marriage to all people in ACT. One can only assume those stories about Romeo and Juliet are not as powerful as stories about two men in love. Come on Andrew, take a fling and allow love to conquer all. So, one day a minister, and the next day a man in love who sits at home and cooks meals. Isn’t that more romantic?

Swedish Gays Wait On Church Approval

The Swedish parliament’s new law which grants gays and lesbians the right to have a legal marriage came into effect on May 1st but there will be a delay in making the law operational until the Lutheran Church which was the state church until 2000 makes a decision as to whether the church will sanction such marriages. According to a church official: “the new law implies a change in the marriage ceremony, and the Church has to be given a chance to take a stand on that.” However, he also noted there has been no evidence that gays or lesbians are rushing to the Lutheran Church in order to get married.

Most probably the delay stems from historic reasons and does not reflect an attempt to circumvent the law. One can assume that many gays and lesbians have no interest in having a church ceremony and certainly non-Christians couldn’t care less. Gays and lesbians have waited for years so, hopefully, a few more months will be endurable.

British Conservatives Strike At Cohabiting Rights!

At a time of economies breaking down, terrorism widespread, chaos in Afghanistan and Somalia, the British Conservative Party has identified the key issue facing their nation– rights given to couples who cohabit. Under a new Conservative plan, unmarried couples who live together would be denied rights married couples receive, and pre-nuptial agreements would be made legaly enforceable to encourage people to marry. Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith blames cohabiting couples as the source of marital breakdown which is threatening the very existence of the British nation.

He wants to make divorce more difficult to obtain, and would like the government to work with people getting married to ensure they have a happy one, and there are hints he would make divorce more expensive to obtain. According to THE expert on marriages, Duncan Smith believes, “marriages act as a stabiliser. Married couples are less likely to break up than unmarried couples.” This undoubtedly has to rank as among the most brilliant statements ever made about marriage. I assume if two people are not married, they can readily go their separate ways, and, perhaps, it is for the good of all.

Where does the Conservative Party find idiots like Duncan Smith? Most married couples break up because they don’t want to live with one another, and the Conservative marriage expert wants to force two people who hate one another to remain married because he Knows it is good for both of them!!

Yemen Female Children Oppressed!

Despite the case of a refusal on the part of an eight year old girl’s “husband” to grant her a divorce, Yemen’s parliament apparently does not consider the issue of female children’s rights to be of importance. A parliamentary committee turned down the request by the Women’s National Committee(WNC) for a law establishng a minimum age for marriage. Shatha Mohmmed Nasser, a lawyer, argued the case of an eight year-old girl is an excellent opportunity to push through much needed legislation that would protect the rights of young girls. “There are hundreds of (such cases) who have been subjected to sexual abuse by mature men. The problem is that there is no law to punish a father who marries off the child, the sheikh who allows the marriage, or the husband who takes the child home to serve him as a wife.”

Nujood Ali, the young girl, walked into a court by herself and asked for an end to the sexual abuse which her family has allowed to happen by marrying her to a thirty year-old man. Her husband told the world: “I will not divorce her, and it is my right to keep her. No need to sleep with her, at least I can have her as a wife. It is not a matter of lovng her. I don’t, but it’s just a challenge to her and her uncle who think that they can put me in jail and also the judge whas no right to bring me here. How did she dare to complain about me?”

Technically speaking, the husband is within his rights under Yemen law. Nujood is being protected by a kind judge and a sympathetic uncle. A study of mariage in Yemen reveals the average age is about 10 to 14 for women depending on the region of the country. Is there something wrong with this picture? Where are Muslim leaders in the world? Why aren’t they protesting?