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Tyrant Dies–Indonesia Mourns!

Former Indonesian president Soeharto died and the nation went into mourning. The current Indonesdian government declared seven days of mourning in which to recall a man who was described as “our best citizen.” As dictator of Indonesia, Soeharto killed hundreds of thousands of people in the 1960s during what was alleged to be a “communist plot.” Bedjo Untung, chairman of the 1965 Murder Victims Research Fooundation said in a press conference: “I will nevere do that(hoist the flag at half mast) for a big violator of human rights like Soeharto.” Bedjo said he was active in student affairs in 1965 and was sent to jail where he was tortured. Johan Pakasi, a resacher of the 1965 tragedy, said any attempt to make Soeharto a national hero should be rejeced. “There were more than three million people killed between 1965 and 1996 and mass graves can be found on any island in Indonesia.”

What next– a holiday for Hitler?