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Lock Up Your Masseuse Clothing, Not The Parlor!

An East Java administration in Indonesia has come up with a rather interesting way of curbing prostitution. Normally, critics decry the existence of massage parlors and seek to close them down, but some innovatve Indonesian minds have come up with an interesting twist on issue of prostitution. They are seeking legislation which requires those working in a massage parlor to wear padlocks on their pants in order to prevent sexual intercourse with clients. The Jakarta Post considered the idea to be ludicrous because “if the aim of the policy is to prevent prostitution and promote tourism, then this surely is the wrong way to go about pursuing those goals.” The editor pointed out “prostitutiion is still here and thriving in places like Jakarta and Bali.”

Perhaps, male and female tourists upon arrival in Jakarta’s airport can be directed to a room where they will be out fitted with padlocks in a pre-emptive strike against massage parlor prostitution. One can only wonder if this could become a fashion rage for Indonesian women, if they don’t want sex with spouse, just put on the padlock and let the world know the campaign for chastity is in full swing.