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Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Faces Future

Years ago the Muslim Brotherhood was considered among the most radical Muslim groups in the Middle East, and even today it is a vital force in Egypt. The organization is in the process of selecting a new “supreme guide.” There is a young reform body within the organization but it lacks power and even clear directions as to where the organization should be headed. MB branches in other nations hold fair and free elections, but Egypt is still characterized by a small group deciding who will head the organization. The new leader has to revitalize the MB and establish a more democratic and egalitarian course if the younger generation is to be attracted.

On the other hand, there are members of the MB who believe the main focus should be on establishing relations with the Mubarak government in order to be transformed from an underground religious organization into a legally functioning opposition party in Parliament.

Egyptian Leader Denounced For Shaking Israeli Hand!

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian parliament denounced the Grand Sheikh of Al Azahr, Mohamed Sayed Tantwy, regarding his recent comment in an Arab newspaper in which he expressed his desire to meet any Israeli officials who wanted to come to Egypt to discuss issues. He said his office was open to anyone interested in pursuing the peace process. The Sheikh was previously criticized for daring to actually shake hands with Israeli President Shimon Peres. His response to the comments was: “What did you want me to do, refuse to shake hands with a president of a country we are at peace with?”

A major problem in attaining peace in the Middle East is the presence of powerful forces which oppose working with members of the Israeli Peace Now movement on the ground any Israeli, by definition, is an enemy. It is time for people of good will to work with one another because the alternative is maintaining the status quo for another half century.

Egyptian Government Cracks Down On Muslim Group

The government of President Mubarak continued its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as well as anyone connected with the religious group that has been outlawed for many years due to fear it seeks to overthrown the government. Eleven media executives were arrested for “being involved in an Islamic organization affiliated with he Muslim Brotherhood.” The media group included a wide range of individuals including anchors and producers who work for private Egyptian and Arab satellite channels. The detainees claim they were gathered for a discussion with a professor from Al Azhar University. Ahmed Ragheb of the Mubarak Law Center claims at least one anchor, Aly Abdel Rahman, was taken to the hospital after being beaten by the police.

The underlying reason for the attack most probably is connected to the effort of the government to destroy any opposition to its authoritarian rule. The MB most probably has the support of at least one-third of the population, including those who want a free society that will stimulate the economy as it furthers the goal of freedom of speech, assembly and the right to vote for people of one’s choice.