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Jacob Zuma Cleared By South African Judge

The effort by the government of President Mbeki to bring charges against his African National Congress(ANC) rival, Jacob Zuma, backfired when High Court Judge Chris Nicholson ruled the decision to prosecute Zuma was invalid and based on political rather than legal considerations. African National Congress leaders hailed the verdict as a triumph for Constitutional procedures. Nicholson ruled the National Prosecuting Authority(NPA) acted as though it was a law unto itself and that Zuma was not responsible for the continual delays in bringing him to trial. Zuma has always argued charges against him were initiated by President Mbeki as part of his attempt to drive him from a leadership role in the ANC.

However, many people still believe there are serious allegations concerning fraud which have never been addressed by Zuma and fear legal errors on the part of the NPA have allowed more serious mistakes to go unpunished. Ironically, Zuma has been arguing against trusting the courts to be fair, a claim that now has been proven wrong.

At Last–Zimbabwe Agreement On Power Sharing!

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his ruling party, Zanu-PF, finally agreed on a power sharing arrangement which guarantees the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) will have real power in the government. Its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has been fighting to the reality of power not the semblance of power before he would become part of a Zimbabwean government. South African Thabo Mbeki, who has served as a mediator in the dispute, announced the formation of a national unity government. “An agreement has been reached on all items on the agenda–all of them endorsed the document tonight, signed it.” He promised the people of Zimbabwe that the Mugabe government is actually going to follow through on an agreement in which they cede some power to the opposition.

The Zimbabwe economy has been completely wrecked by the foolhardy policies of Mugabe and inflation is now at a twenty million percent rate. There will be need to restore farm lands to those who know how to work them which means white farmers will be asked to return in order to jump start the farm economy. The remaining question is whether Mugabe henchmen who took the land and wrecked farming will be compelled to restore farming to those who know how to do it.

Zimbabwe Opposition Loses Hope For Peace

Failure on the part of President Mbeki of South Africa to be a neutral advocate for the people of Zimbabwe has made clear he is no Nelson Mandela. The South African leader has consistently taken the side of his good friend, Robert Mugabe, a thug and murderer who has wrecked his nation in a made pursuit of power and wealth. Mbeki was charged by the Southern African Development Community(SADC) to serve as a broker for peace between Mugabe and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) and its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. The MDC wants a genuine sharing of power, but Mugabe, encouraged by Mbeki, wants to retain all power. It is clear the MDC has lost all confidence in the neutrality of Mbeki in this situation. Mugabe reportedly has issued a demand to Tsvangirai of agreeing to his view of “sharing” or he will proceed alone. Tsvangirai has refused to be bullied into an agreement that will only strengthen forces of oppression.

Lovemore Madhuku, a law lecturer, says the choice is clear-Tsvangirai gives up his ideas and agrees to those of Mugabe or the president will proceed on his own. There is little indication Mugabe was ever interested in real power sharing and simply depended on his good friend, Mbeki, to keep the SADC off his back. It appears his gamble has worked.

No Deal On Zimbabwe Deal For Peace

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), is urging nations of Africa to refuse having any dealings with President Mugabe of their nation until he finally agrees to share power with their party which actually won both the presidential and parliament elections. Unfortunately, President Mbeki of South Africa, who allegedly was supposed to act as a mediator has done everything possible to protect his good friend, Mugabe, from sharing power even though the Southern African Community Development (SADC) organization has urged such an approach. If Mbeki months ago had exerted pressure on his friend, the current situation would not be confronting a refusal on the part of those in power to maintain all power.

On one hand, Mbeki says he wants peace, but, on the other hand, he remains silent about the detention of four MDC members of parliament by the police. Nothing will happen to force Mugabe to agree to change until Mbeki takes a strong stand and condemns his friend.

Mugabe Will Not Budge -Thanks To Mbeki Support!

This week Zimbabwe faces a time when decisions made or not made will shape the nation’s future. President Mugabe has yet to show any sign that he is willing to enter into a genuine power sharing arrangement with Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) Mugabe intends to open Parliament without having attained a compromise with his opponents. The economy has completely collapsed with an inflation rate of thirteen million percent. It appears President Mbeki of South Africa, a close friend of Mugabe, has sold the Southern African Development Community(SADC) a bill of goods that Tsvangirai is the one holding up an agreement.

Unless there is a genuine power sharing agreement, no outside investors will provide any assistance to the failed nation. Mugabe, frankly, does not give a damn and will appoint hardline political and military supporters to show the world he is tough and will not bend an inch. The ruling clique around Mubabe fears the presence of honest people in the Cabinet who will investigate the thugs around the president who have robbed the nation of millions. Neither do they wish to have an investigation into their murderous attacks on MDC supporters. Mugabe will not blink. The question is whether the world will blink.

Opera Of Zimbabwe Goes On As Fat Lady Waits In Wing

During the past six months the comic and tragic opera that is Zimbabwe continues with numerous false curtains descending on an opera that always appears to have another act. The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum(ZEF) has lodged an urgent application to the Southern African Development Community(SADC) urging it to prevent President Mugabe from attending the summit meeting. President Mbeki of South Africa(a close friend of Mugabe) supposedly was using his mediation skills to resolve the issue of government but he has failed over and over again to accomplish this goal. The ZEF argues Mugabe was not legally elected and therefore can not sit at the summit. Botswana has announced it will boycott the summit meeting if Mugabe is allowed to attend.

Mugabe plays one game after another always depending on his good friend, President Mbeki to bail him out when things get rough. Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) who actually won the presidential election in March, 2008, was again detained and harassed at the Haare airport until finally being allowed to leave. At some point, Mugabe has to be treated roughly in order to get him to adhere to constitutional practices. Step one would be banning him from the summit meeting.

Zimbabwean Leader Prevented From Leaving Country!

Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change,(MDC) was detained at the Haare airport and prevented from leaving to attend a meeting of the Southern African
Development Community(SADC) where President Mbeki of South Africa was to inform the group of progress being made to resolve issues in Zimbawe. “They have taken our passports,” said Tsvangirai, “this is a reflection of their(MUgabe) insincerity. They want to talk to us, yet they behave like hooligans.” The incident occurred as reports were circulating in Haare that President Mugabe was trying to get around African demands he share power with Tsvangirai by making a separate agreement with a small faction that has broken away from the MDC. Tsvangirai said he would continue talks with Mugabe despite the provocation created by denying him the right to attend an important African meeting.

President Mbeki is under pressure from the SADC which wants results of an agreement. There is widespread concern at failure on the part of Mbeki to be even-handed in dealing with the conflict because many believe he has been protecting President Mugabe. Many believe if Mbeki had been more forceful in denouncing the Mugabe instigated violence in Zimbabwe there might have been greater effort on the part of the Zimbabwean leader to come to the negotiating table in a more concerned manner.

Zimbabwe Talks Proceeding-Is Solution Possible?

South African President Thabo Mbeki continues flying back and forth from his country to Zimbabwe in an effort to resolve the conflict between Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) who won the fair election in March, 2008 and President Mugabe who won the fraudulent election in June of this year. Mbeki has instituted a blackout on information regarding progress of the discussions although rumors continue circulating of some form of power sharing between the men. President Mbeki is under pressure to show some results prior to the Southern African Development Community(SADC) meeting at which some participants already are demanding retaliation against Mugabe for the violence he has inflicted on his nation. Botswana called for barring Mugabe on grounds he is not the legitimate ruler of the nation.

Mbeki failure to initiate mediation efforts in the spring of this year encouraged Mugabe to proceed with the violence accompanying his “election” in June. His supporters were encouraged to brutalize, rape and kill and now these individuals fear if Morgan Tsvangirai assumes power they will be prosecuted.

President Mbeki Denounced By G-8 Leaders

The tragedy that has befallen Zimbabwe by the rule of its megalomanic ruler, Robert Mugabe, has also included the personal tragedy of President Mbeki of South Africa. A friend of Nelson Mandela in the fight to bring freedom to the people of South Africa has become the poster boy for evil because of his refusal to denounce the brutal rule of his friend, Mugabe. G-8 leaders made critical comments to the face of Mugabe concerning his failure to function as an impartial mediator in Zimbabwe and turning his back on blatant violence against the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC). Mbeki was asked by the Southern African Development Community(SADC) to serve as its mediator, but, he has ignored the killing of 90 MDC leaders, the beatings and intimidation of thousands because of his personal friendship with Mugabe.

Hussein Solmon of the Pretoria Center for International Policy says the G-8 comments were “extremely humliating” for Mbeki. Several African leaders from Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, and Nigeria have denounced the brutality that has engulfed Zimbabwe while Mbeki refused to raise his voice in protest. Solomon believe the Mbeki personality can “not accept his failure.” In the meantime thousands have been brutalized because Mbeki had emotional problems in admitting his mistakes.

G-8 Leaders Blast Mbeki Failure In Zimbabwe

President Mbeki of South Africa was subjected to a blistering attack from G-8 leaders for his abject failure to act in the role of mediator regarding the situation in Zimbabwe where his close friendship with President Mugabe has made him blind to the violence that has ripped apart the nation. In heated exchanges by President Bush, Chancellor Merkel of Germany and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, the South African leader was told he failed to do his job as mediator and unless things changed for the better, G-8 nations will institute economic sanctions against his close friend, Mugabe.

In Zimbabwe, Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa told the press representatives of the Movement for Democratic Change had agreed to talks under the supervision of President Mbeki. “We have received communication that they are ready for a resumption of inter-party talks.” However, Morgan Tsvangirai, head of MDC has made clear there will be no talks until violence ends against members of his group.