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Zuma Blasts Mbeki Inaction On Zimbabwe

African National Congress President Jacob Zuma stated in blunt terms the Zimbabwe election fiasco was a violation of the rights of its people. “It’s not acceptable. It’s not helping the Zimbabwean people who have gone out to..elect the kind of party and presidential candidate they want, exercising their constitutional right.” His comments distanced the incoming president of South Africa from Thabo Mbeki whose timid reaction to the violation of Zimbabwean rights has been severely condemned by other African nations. Zuma told reporters, “the electoral commission must isssue the results because it is actually destoryng its own credibility as an institution that is supposed to be neutral.”

For the first time, a South African leader acted as a leader when Zuma said “I imagine the leaders in Africa should really move in to unlock this logjam. Concretely, this means African countries should identify some people to go in there, probably talk to both parties, call them and ask them what the problem is, as well as (talk to) the electoral commission.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese government, which shipped a boat load of weapons to the Mugabe government, may have second thoughts about its delivery since dockworkers in African nations are opposing unloading the cargo. They may decide to back off on delivery due to problems created by the dockworkers. China may unleash another storm of world protest if it proceeds with sending arms to a nation whose leader has denied his people their right to freely elect a president.

South African Workers Fight For Zimbabwe

A campaign to prevent arms currently aboard a Chinese vessel that are destined for the dictatorial regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe may well halt the arrival of the weapons which would be used to crush those who oppose the ruler. The Congress of South African Trade Unions(Costau) called for an international boycott of the vessel and urged fellow dock workers in other African ports to refuse unloading the cargo of destruction. “Coastu is doing everything possible to alert the international trade union movement to the danger to the workers of Zimbabwe if the cargo is allowed to be unloaded and deliverted to Mugabe’s forces.” Unlike the passivity of President Mbeki of South Africa, the trade union movement is working to support those being oppressed in Zimbabwe.

South African Transport and Allied Workers’ Union(Satawu) leader Randall Howard told the world: “We shall not rest until the weapons destined to Zimbabwe are returned to Beijing. We shall not become an accomplice to the repression and brutality of the Zimbabwean masses who only yearn for peace and genuine democracy.”

Perhaps, it is time for South African President Mbeki to recognize the people of his nation recognize there is a genuine “crisis” in Zimbabwe and they will not follow his course of timidity and cooperation with the forces of repression.

Mugabe Completes Process of Vote Rigging

President Robert Mugabe has his own unique way of winning elections, simply stuff ballot boxes with your name and the result is a “victory” for the government. The Movement for Demcoratic Change which won the election in Zimbabwe said during the “recount” boxes are simply being stuffed with the name of Mugabe and his party followers. According to DMC spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa: “We have found ballot boxes already open or with no seals. We believe other boxes they opened and forged new seals. This is not an isolated problem.”

Morgan Tsvagirai has decided not to return to Zimbabwe. “It’s no use going back to Zimbabwe and becoming captive…Do you want a dead hero?” Human Rights Watch blasted Mugabe for setting up torture camps where supporters of the MDC were being beaten and forced to reveal names of those supporting Tsvangirai.

The most fascinating change taking place is growing anger among regional leaders at what Mugabe has done, and, in particular at the support being given him by President Mibeki of South Africa. Botswans Foreign Minister Phdnu Skelmani took the unusual step of saying bluntly that Mbeki stood alone at a recent regional meeting in declaring there was no crisis in Zmbabwe. Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan urged African leaders to take a stand: “The question that has been posed is where are the Africans? Where are the leaders of the countries in the region, what are they doing, how can they help the situation? It is a serious crisis with impact beyond Zimbabwe.”

Mbeki-Get Thee To A Thuggery!

President Mbeki of South Africa belongs to the generation of leaders who worked with Nelson Mandela to create a democratic nation in which all parties shared common rights of competing in the marketplace of ideas. Mbeki can not plead ignorance of the past nor can he claim lack of knowledge as to what occurs to a society when its leaders use thugs to enforce the laws in order to retain power. Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Zimbabwe’s Orange Democratic Movement, blasted Mbeki for his failure to aid the oppressed peope of Zimbabwe. He asked Mbeki to step down from the role of serving as a mediator in the political conflicts that have been raging for years. “The reasons are obvious,” said the Zimbabwean leader, “it’s nine years the crisis in Zimbabwe has been going on endlessly, people are dying in Zimbabwe.” Tsvangirai expressed his appreciation to the South African president, but urged new leadership in the effort to restore democracy to his nation.

Tsvangirai was being polite when he noted it was time for Mbeki to get off the stage of politics. President Mbeki had the nerve to claim there were no problems in Zimbabwe and everything was under control by his buddy, President Mugabe. At this moment, hundreds of police and thugs are wandering the countryside of Zimbabwe beating up supporters of Tsvangirai and making it clear to one and all there is only one way to vote-for Mugabe or else. Mbeki’s own party, the African National Congress has attacked his weak stand on the Zimbabwe issue.

Mugabe Denounced At UN

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown lashed out against the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe who has refused to accept the verdict of the people of Zimbabwe that they seek change in government. Leaders of nations from throughout the world expressed dismary at what is happening in that unfortunate country where the dogs of war have been unleashed on the population to ensure Mugabe retains power. Many leaders were particularly upset at the cowardly behavior of President Mbeki of South Africa who continues defending Mugabe and insists there are no problems in Zimbabwe. Mbeki tried to keep the topic of Zimbabwe off the agenda but was thwarted by the UN. “A stolen election would not be a democratic election at all, “thundered Gordon Brown. “Let a single clear message go outfrom here in New York that we ..stand solidly behind democracy and human rights for Zimbabwe.

Most UN speakers avoided specifically denouncing President Mbeki for fear he would continue his stubborn defense of Mugabe. However, Jacob Zuma, who will become the next president of South Africa, blasted Mbeki and urged his nation to take a stand in defense of Zimbabwe.

Cowardly President Mbeki Denies Zimbabwe Crisis!

Post election violence in Zmbabwe continues as President Mugabe thugs beat up innocent people whose crime is voting the wrong way, but South African President Thabo Mbeki insists there is no crisis in that nation. In a direct contradiction to the leader of the nation, his own party, the African National Congress bluntly said: “it regards the situation in Zmbabqwe as a crisis with negative cosnequences fr the SA Development Community region.” There is widespread feeling in South Africa their president has embarrassed the entire nation by his cowardly comments that ignore the plight of the Zimbabwe people.

Violence in Zimbabwe has escalated as government Zanu-PF militias, with the help of army units, have been going into communities and beating up people who support the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Gangs of youth militia and “war veterans” armed with sticks and clubs and knives are entering homes, assualting people, burning down houses and creating havoc in order to get across the point everyone must vote for Mugabe or face the consequences.

South Africa for years secured support from the world community in its fight to obtain freedom from white rule. It is a sad commentary that today, yesterday’s heroes have become today’s cowards.

Mugabe May Be No Show At Summit Meeting

The government of Zimbabwe raised doubts as to whether President Mugabe would even attend the upcoming summit meeting that was called by the Southern African Development Community(SADC) to discuss recent events surrounding the presidential electiion in Zmbabwe. Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga, said, “We didn’t call for that summit, it was called by SADC…Who invites who is not our perogative, but this summit was done without prior consultation with the government of Zimbabwe.” The SADC is attempting to get the results of the presidential election released which interferes with efforts by Mugabe to retain power and to initiate a program of retaliation against those who dared vote against him.

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, met with President Mbeki of South Africa who has demonstrated by his inaction that he has the backbone of a chocolate eclair when it comes down to fighting for human rights in Zimbabwe. However, the most probable new president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has been demanding that “all parties(including Mugabe) “respect the will of the people regardless of the outcome.”

Amnesty International issued a sttement about the widespread incidents of post election violence in Zimbabwe “suggesting the existence of coordinated retirbution against known and suspected opposition supporters.” It is clear President Mugabe will use his security forces in all there brutality to ensure victory if it comes down to a run-off.

Zuma Zilches Backing Down On Corruption

Jacob Zuma, recently elected leader of the African National Congress, continued insisting graft charges against him stem from his opponents who wish to prevent his election next year to the presidency of South Africa. A trade union official who supports him warned of violence, but Zuma urged his followers not to go in that direction. “No, No, that is exactly what I do not want. I do not want people to die or that shops and cars be set alight. I do not want any violence.” After being charged with corruption last year, he was hit with a new set of indictments in the past few weeks. His trial is set to begin August, 4,2008 and will take place amidst the glare of the world press. Many of his supporters believe his rights are being denied due to the long delay in actually beginning a trial.

Jacob Zuma aroused the anger of President Mbeki who fired him from the vice presidency. The two have clashed over power and it is clear Mbeki does not want Zuma to follow him as president of the nation. However, Zuma does have a right to a quick trial and dragging it out for another years certainly is not in the interests of justice.

Jacob Zuma Zooms Around Corruption Charges

The possibility of “imminent” corruption charges being filed against Jacob Zuma, who was elected head of the African National Congress, raised new issues concerning his bid for the presidency of South Africa. His financial adviser, Schabir Shaik, is already serving a 15 year sentence after being found guilty of taking bribes. Initial corruption charges against Zuma were halted in September, but due to a continuing vigorous investigation, it appears the basis for an indictment now exists. Acting national director of public prosecutions, Mokotedi Mpshe, said, “the investigation is complete. All that we are doing now is to tie the loose ends. The investigation, with the evidence we have now, points to a case that can be taken to court.”

Zuma indicated he wanted his day in court to present his version regarding the allegations of corruption. At a press conference, he stated his willingness to work with outgoing President Thabo Mbeki, despite the acrimonious relationship between the two leaders of the African National Congress. In response to questions about Zimbabwe, Zuma made vague remarks that he continued hoping there would be changes in the collapsed nation ruled by Robert Mugabe, but he opposed sanctions against the country. “We are going to continue with quiet diplomacy.”

It is unusual for a presidential candidate in any nation have to spend time in court responding to charges of corruption. The more intriguing question is what would happen if Zuma was convicted as well as winning the election to the presidency? Could he pardon himself?

Jacob Zuma And President Mbeki Fight Over Power

Jacob Zuma, African National Congress leader, who was acquitted of rape and corruption charges, appears in line to become the next president of South Africa. Despite being dogged by graft allegations, he has capitalized on the blunders of President Thabo Mbeki in order to gain overwhelming support of ANC members. Zuma is using the autocratic leadership style of Mbeki to gain widespread support as well as emphasizing a commitment to help the poor of his nation. Many people believe, although Mbeki has helped to generate a vibrant economy by working closely with business interests, he has paid less attention to those in the bottom rung of society. Zuma has gained the support of most trade union leaders, and in an amazing turnaround, the ANC Women’s League announced it would back Zuma. This group severely attacked his behavior when Zuma was charged with rape and then justified having sex with an HIV positive woman on grounds that he showered afterwards.

President Mbeki is still fighting to maintain control over the African National Congress and will not readily surrender his power. Whoever controls the ANC is assured of election to the presidency and Zuma at this point appears to be clearly in the lead. Mbeki can not run again for the presidency, but he wants control over the ANC in order to determine who will succeed him in the presidency.