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Following are hobbies that certain people should never pursue.

MICHAEL VICK: Cat napping

HILLARY CLINTON: Collecting photos of Bill around the world.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Studying the Constitution.

LARRY SUMMERS: Playing slot machines.

ELIOT SPITZER: Collecting stories about the comeback kid.

NEWT GINGRICH: Tap dancing.

JOHN MCCAIN: Reading Jack London stories about the Yukon.

MERYL STREEP: Collecting recipes for microwave cooking.


OSAMA BIN LADEN: Studying the Torah.

Afghanistan Gets Worse, Not Better

Senator John McCain is urging the Obama administration to emulate the strategy in Iraq of sending more troops to Afghanistan in order to crush the enemy. He insists that working with cooperative militant groups will succeed in Afghanistan as it supposedly did in Iraq. He questioned National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair and wanted to know whether President Obama was reading to send in sufficient troops to accomplish what he believes is the right strategy in Afghanistan. “I can only say the president is more impatient than you are” and argued there was need for further study of the situation. Blair admitted the Afghan government’s control is “decreasing and that is a bad sign.”

Afghanistan is not Iraq and the McCain simply will not work in the more complex nation which has dozens of local leaders and the Taliban are able to achieve success through a combination of fear and creating conditions of law and order. There are numerous havens for insurgents unlike in Iraq where it is easier to control the borders. But, McCain being McCain will not grasp the situation is different and there is need for new strategies.

McCain–Still Doesn’t Understand Afghanistan

Senator John McCain ran a political campaign that was characterized by ignorance beginning with his selection of the idiot from Alaska as his running mate. McCain is in Afghanistan and reported the situation will get worse before it gets better, ‘just like the surge in Iraq was.” He called for more troops as most important to win the war in Afghanistan. The senator is traveling with his good friends, Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham, a trio that does not have a clue as to what is needed in Afghanistan. During the campaign, Senator McCain on several occasions got confused and thought Iraq bordered on Afghanistan. He apparently still does not understand Afghanistan is geographically larger than Iraq, more mountainous, and split into tribes and clans in ways unknown to Iraq. The Taliban is respected in many parts of Afghanistan and has close working relations with Pakistan secret intelligence.

There is no connection in terms of strategy between Afghanistan and Iraq. There are currently 62,000 US and NATO forces attempting to cover an area larger than Texas– but with mountains. Senator McCain still doesn’t understand there is no such thing in sight as “victory” because no one even knows what that entails. The best at this point is a political, and economic focus which, most probably, would result in restructuring Afghanistan into smaller units centered around tribes.

Obama And McCain Pledge Cooperation

The long shadow of George Bush is being replaced by a new burst of sunshine as leaders of both major parties meet to discuss cooperation and mutual respect for the integrity of one another. After 9/11, George Bush never made a single effort to reach out to his defeated rival, Al Gore, and offer him a role in the fight against terrorism. During World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt appointed several Republicans to key Cabinet positions to demonstrate the war was loyally supported by all Americans and there were no Democrats or Republicans in the armed forces, just Americans. Barack Obama met with John McCain to discuss how they can work together in dealing with the financial crisis that confronts the nation. Both said: “It is in this spirit that we had a productive conversation today about the need to launch a new era of reform where we take on government waste and bitter partisanship in Washington in order to restore trust in government, and bring back prosperity and opportunity for every hard-working American family.”

The secretive partisan era of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld is at an end. America has to return to an era in which politicians could debate and disagree without questioning the loyalty of their opponents. The nightmare of George Bush is at an end.

The Agony Of John McCain

The campaign is over and John McCain has his first opportunity for reflective thinking concerning the recent campaign he conducted. One can assume, his campaign will not be one of his shining moments. In 2000, after being smeared by Bush, the Arizona senator decided to come into the fold and cease being a “maverick.” It is ludicrous for McCain to use that expression when his recent campaign was classic Republican smear and shout. John McCain embraced the Bush program, and even his supposed “surge idea” had already been discussed within the Bush administration prior to any McCain shouting. In becoming one of the “Bush boys,” John McCain lost any possibility of running as an independent spirit.

The disastrous selection of idiot brained Sarah Palin was the knife that was plunged into the heart of McCain’s campaign because it meant most Independents would never vote for a ticket that included the diva who wanders around dressed in a towel. The only logical explanation of this choice is the fighter pilot mentality of McCain which takes risks. In other words, being who he was most probably cost McCain any chance to win an election.

John McCain is left with questions concerning his approach to the election. The tragedy of John McCain is if he had run as independent minded John McCain he actually might have had a shot at victory. By deciding not to be himself, McCain ended any chance he had of winning the election. It is not that he sold his soul for the semblance of power, but he sold it and got so little in return.

Medvedev Tries Tough Love With US Leaders

The Russian government has come a long way from the moment George Bush looked into the eyes of then President Putin and saw a person with whom he could work. The Bush presidency has plunged Russia and the United States into the most hostile relationship since the collapse of the Soviet Union. President Medvedev told his nation, “I would like to stress we have no problem with the American people. We have no innate anti-Americanism. We hope that our partners–the new US administration–will make a choice in favor of fully-fledged relations with Russia.” He accused the Bush administration for creating regional tension by establishing US missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and seeking to extend NATO into eastern Europe.

Most Russian leaders hope for a fresh start with Barack Obama since they regarded John McCain as simply George Bush with an even tougher verbal stance. Barack Obama offers hope to the American people for a new beginning, and hopefully he offers the same thing to the people of Russia.

McCain And Palin Bemoan Alleged Media Bias

Senator John McCain, appearing on Larry King, expressed his anger at the media for failing to cast a critical eye on Barack Obama as it did on Sarah Palin. In the meantime, Sarah Palin blasted the Los Angeles Times for refusing to release a video tape made of a 2003 party for Palestinian-American Professor Rashid Khalidi where remarks were made that were negative about Israel. The Times said it had discussed the entire episode in April, but had promised the person who gave them the tape that it would not be broadcast. McCain and Palin claimed Khalidi was a former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization and a noted critic of Israel policy in the Middle East. He currently teaches in the Middle East Studies program at Columbia University. Both Obama and Kahlidi have previously stated, that while friends, they disagreed on policy toward Israel.

Palin ranted on about “Israel was described there as the perpetrator of terrorism rather than the victim. What we don’t know is how Barack Obama responded to these slurs on a country that he professes to support.” She demanded the Los Angeles Times make the video public.

As a supporter of Israel, I frequently denounce the current government for its foolish policies. For years I have argued the West Bank must be restored to Palestinians, and now Prime Minister Olmert has adopted a similar position. Does Palin consider Olmert to be an enemy of Israel? Anyone who cares about Israel must make clear disagreements with Israeli policies that violate human rights. Israel is the only real democracy in the region which makes it even more important that it should respect the rights of Palestinians. Sorry, Governor Palin, if you love Israel then you speak in negative terms about the nation you love if their policies are incorrect.

By the way, Governor Palin, how come the media has given your husband the silent treatment about his associations with a party that wants to secede from America? Oh, care to talk about the “fairness” of Fox News?

John McCain Gaffes Along The Campaign Trail

As a 78 year-old man, there is sympathy in my heart for the struggles of John McCain along the campaign trail where time after time he utters incomprehensible comments due to either fatigue or the effects of age. Recently, in a speech in western Pennsylvania, he told the audience, that Obama’s “supporters have been saying some pretty nasty things about western Pennsylvania lately. And you know, I couldn’t agree with them more.” The audience was silent but McCain went on to further display old age: “I couldn’t disagree with you. i couldn’t agree with you more” and went on to say they were patriotic people. Last Sunday on Meet The Press, he forgot the name of one of the former secretaries of state who support his candidacy.

Of course, no one is gaffe free, and Joe Biden is the man who can’t avoid putting his foot in his mouth just about once a day. John McCain is showing his age as frustration and fears of defeat become all too evident in the strident manner in which he speaks to people. I am 78 and know my mind sometimes says things I did not wish to express. Overall, John McCain’s mind is OK, but physical fatigue plays tricks with an older body and mind. Of course, standing in the wings is the babbling idiot Sarah Palin which only goes to prove that younger minds can be more fatigued by ignorance than an older mind.

Alexander Cockburn Cocks And Aims At Obama

Alexander Cockburn once again is taking dead aim at the fuzzy wuzzy liberals and blaming them for lacking a backbone. He sees no difference between an Obama-Biden ticket from that of McCain-Palin. He believes both candidates will continue fighting in Iraq and escalate fighting in Iran. He charges Obama with failure to end torture and says, “I have yet to identify a single uplifting intention to which he has maintained a constant if it has presented any risk to his progress.” Cockburn further charges Obama “has been the negation of almost every decent progressive principle.” And, Mr.Cockburn urges those seeking a progressive movement in America should check out the Barr and Nader candidacies.

Alexander Cockburn has been a strong voice for progressive ideas, but his criticism of Obama and reference to Barr and Nader is shocking. Barr is a libertarian who is against union rights, against health insurance, against women rights, and Mr. Nader has been the one who gave the world eight years of George Bush. Hasn’t Cockburn learned anything yet? Supporting Nader is an invitation to eight years of McCain-Palin!

Well, let’s examine his criticisms. He charges Joe Biden is a “poster boy for Israeli intransigence.” Actually, Joe Biden was the first candidate in years who stood up to AIPAC and told them they do not represent American Jews. Obama’s call for a Middle East meeting with Kurdish, Iraq, and Turkish leaders has been hailed in Turkey. Obama made clear he supports negotiation with the Taliban, hardly what one would expect from someone who just wants to escalate the fighting in Iran. He has made clear he will talk with Iran leaders without preconditions. He most probably supports the Saudi Arabian initiative for peace with Israel.

In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt ran on a platform of cutting government expenditures and balancing the budget. Famous last words. Obama HAS to be middle of the road. He is a BLACK man running in a mainly white nation. Sorry, Mr.Cockburn, he could not run on as an all out liberal given the problems facing African Americans in American society. He will change and will appoint people to regulatory agencies that will aid union organization. He will push through a national health insurance plan–actually, the final plan will be closer to that of Hillary Clinton than the one urged by Obama. There will be a public works program to provide jobs. There will be Supreme Court justices who defend civil liberties and women rights.

A vote for Ralph Nader in 2000 led to the Iraq war and horrible damage to American civil liberties. How can Cockburn even mention that man’s name as one anyone should support?

Obama Extends Lead Over McPalain

The campaign of Senator McPalain continues its negative attacks on Barack Obama with phone calls being sent to millions. The phone calls are not about the economy nor do they deal with economic issues, but concern the alleged relationship between Obama and Bill Ayers for what was done forty years ago. The Arizona senator still doesn’t grasp that all those under the age of 40 believe negative comments about the “Weathermen” are interpreted to mean he thinks Obama is too closely tied to the six o’clock weather man. Latest polls indicate the McPalain attacks just are not working and the average American increasingly is turned off by negativism. Here are some results:

Pew— 52% for Obama and 38% for McCain
Wall Street Journal/NBC News — 52% for Obama and 42% for McCain
On issue of Sarah Palin, 49% disapproved of the Alaska governor while 44% liked her.
60% of Women under age 50 dislike Palin.
The average of all polls reveals Obama is ahead by 50.1% to 43.2%

Perhaps, John McPalain now wishes he had run as John McCain, at least the old John McCain who used to have self respect for himself and was admired by many Americans. It is now clear most women think Sarah Palin is just failin.