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Army Times staff interviewed officers who had worked with General McChrystal. Following are comments they made about their former general.

NcChrystal comments concerning Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and National Security advisor James Jones:
“I was shocked because I know a lot of those guys. The comment about Holbrooke, the comment about Jones , come on, are you kidding me? that’s just unprofessional is a mild word for it.”

Filed Grade SF Officer who served with McChrystal:

“I was surprised they would speak like that, even amongst themselves. I know all of his inner staff..(and) I never heard anybody say anything politically negative about Obama.” He went on to add: “Never, ever would he talk bad about a superior in front of his own subordinates. It’s just completely out of character.”

This field grade officer thought McChrystal should be fired. “I never thought I would say this. Until this article I was a huge McChyrstal fan. I was just floored at how immature he came across. every son of a b—near mcChrystal should be fired as well.” He dismissed the argument the general was an essential ingredient for success in Afghanistan. “Stan McChyrstal is not the linchpin of the strategy, and frankly, it has not been going well.”

I am certain the general will do well at Tea Party events and make money.

General McChyrstal In The Dock

General McChrystal is gone along with his toady sycophant officers who regard their leader as the only one knowing how to win in Afghanistan. Reality is there is scant evidence tactics employed by him have led to any serious weakening of Taliban forces. Initial reports from US soldiers in the field is glee and happiness the man they blame for the wrong tactics is finally relieved of command. He was upset because Obama officials expressed concern about the Karzai government, he was upset because promised troops were not yet in Afghanistan, he was upset because the president did not display the right attitude when talking with him, in a word, the general was upset.

Frankly, the issue is not this or that general’s ideas. The issue has always centered on the ability of the Karzai government to win the support of its people. If there is no effective government, even Napoleon would have difficult winning in this environment. It is time for the Obama administration to confront reality and respond to a simple question: Is it possible for defeat the Taliban without dramatic changes in the Afghan government?

Whimps And Heroes

General Stanley McChrystal told an interviewer there were “whimps” in the White House who did not support the effort in Afghanistan, and cited the US Ambassador to Afghanistan who had the nerve to claim President Karzai was not an honest man! On which planet is General McChrystal living? During World War II a similar situation arose in China which was led by a corrupt man named, Chiang Kai-shek and the result was loss of confidence on the part of Chinese soldiers regarding the war effort. An American general named Joseph Stilwell fought to get honesty in the Chinese military, an end to government corruption, and create an effective Chinese fighting force. He constantly confronted Chiang Kai-shek demanding changes. Another general named Claire Chennault, took the side of Chiang and insisted Stilwell was exaggerating. In the end, “Vinegar Joe Stilwell” was forced to leave, there were no changes, and the Chinese Communists eventually defeated the government and that is why China today is a communist society.

General McChyrstal reminds me of General Chennault, don’t upset anyone, allow corruption to go on and believe it is simply a matter of American forces “defeating” the Taliban on a field of combat. It is whimp behavior to believe confronting Karzai is the wrong move. It is whimp behavior to allow corruption to go unchecked while US troops die as a result of lack of civilian faith in government. Sorry, General McChyrstal, the only whimp is the one looking into your mirror.

Oh, the conclusion of my story is interesting. After being forced to leave China, General Stilwell was allowed to take 30,000 Chinese soldiers with him to Burma. US officers trained that division, they insisted on honesty, and that became the only division in the Chinese army that fought well against the communists.

Is Afghanistan Mission In Jeopardy?

There are renewed cries from Republicans and Democrats like Senator Dianne Feinstein for dispatching the 40,000 troops requested by General McChrystal in order to complete the mission in Afghanistan. The underlying assumption of Congressmen who support this view is that we actually have a “mission” in that nation and we actually “know” how to accomplish the mission. What exactly is in “jeopardy?” The government of Afghanistan is controlled by corrupt men who engage in drugs, who use their power to make money, and who, frankly, don’t give a damn about the people of Afghanistan except for members of their own group. What is American forces were able to drive every single Taliban from the country, what then would be the state of Afghanistan?

It would be run by a different group of greedy fanatics who abuse women and see government as a bank which hands out money to certain depositors. Until the “mission” is clarified, sending 40,000 troops this year only means dispatching an additional 50,000 next year. The last general to say we should reduce military expenditures was President Dwight Eisenhower who understood when to use force. He refused to allow American troops to get involved in the failing French effort to retain Vietnam. Events proved Eisenhower to be correct.

13 Things To Make Republicans Happy

Following are thirteen events that would make the day for any Republican who loves his party more than America.

Al Qaeda bombs kill ten thousand in Harlem.

Oprah revealed to be a transvestite.

Healthcare legislation fails to pass and 60 million now without health insurance.

Ten Abortion Clinics destroyed with loss of 110 people.

Jay Leno secretly weds David Letterman.

Michelle Obama gains forty pounds.

Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky caught in hotel making love.

Surge not working in Iraq.

Obama children fail tests in school.

George Bush joins Democratic Party and admits he always was a Democrat.

George Clooney movie bombs at box office.

General McChrystal blasts President Obama for failure as leader.

Supreme Court rules in 5-4 decision unconstitutional to tax any money earned over the $700,000 level.


Following are comments that are thought but never spoken.

JOE WILSON: What if I had said, “MF, You Lied!” It would have been worth another $5 million.

GENERAL MCCHRYSTAL: I want more soldiers in Afghanistan, but to tell you the truth I have no idea how many “more” will do anything.

SILVIO BERLUSCONI: I have plenty of white women, but that tall tan one in the White House, she intrigues me.

MCKENZIE PHILLIPS: I got an hour on Oprah for incest with dad, I wonder what I get for incest with mom.

JOE BIDEN: I may be full of hot air, but my political guts say troops in Afghanistan will not sell in Peoria.

JOBLESS PERSON: I’m glad Mr. Bernanke says the recession is over. It may be for Wall Street but it sure ain’t for Main Street.

SARAH PALIN: I gave a speech someplace in what they call Asia. I guess that is the southern part of Russia.

SENATOR GRASSLEY: I want a compromise on health care that incorporates all of my ideas.

JOHN MCCAIN: On reflection, maybe it was wise to lose and not have to deal with recessions, healthcare, Afghanistan,…

KIM JONG IL If I agree to nuclear disarmament, do I get a trip to Disneyland?

Diplomacy Or War Is The Question?

Each day there are reports from military leaders in Afghanistan how the situation is becoming worse and the Taliban are winning the war which leads to only one conclusion –send more troops. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to the latest lament by General Stanley McChrystal of the need for troops, by arguing “I can only tell you there are other assessments from very expert military analysts who have worked on counter-insurgency that are the exact opposite” of the McChyrstal belief. There are reports that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has asked the general to hold off on requesting more troops until the entire strategy dealing with Afghanistan has been reviewed.

President Obama is in a dilemma, if he rejects the McChrystal request, great military experts like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly will blast him for daring to oppose a general. If he accepts the recommendation it simply means more and more without any prospect of success. It also means the Canadians and Germans and British may decide enough is enough.

Mr. President, take a deep breath.

Need New Strategy In Afghanistan-Surprise!

Eight long years ago, George Bush and that illustrious military genius, Donald Rumsfeld, unleashed a war for democracy in Afghanistan. The military strategy was simple, US forces would destroy the Taliban, capture Osama bin Laden, dead or alive, and peace and prosperity would return to the people of Afghanistan. At least, i think that was the strategy. General Stanley McChrystal, who commands US forces in Afghanistan assured one and all that “success is achievable,” but it will necessitate a new strategy. Of course, by this time, one has lost track of the “new strategies” that have been employed.

Naturally, as part of the “new strategy,” more US troops will be headed eastward. General McChrystal emphasizes the importance of winning the confidence of the average Afghan. But, how can that occur when the government we protect is riddled with corruption, with drug traffickers, with bigoted anti-female leaders and all directed by Mr. Incompetent himself, Hamid Karzai?

How about this new strategy! A special UN force will supervise the distribution of all money being spent on construction. The US will purchase the entire Afghanistan opium crop. Afghan soldiers will be integrated within NATO and US forces. The emphasis will be upon farm assistance, small factories, etc.. that ensure work for men and women.

Afghanistan And Army Politics

There are still rumblings within the United States Army over the process followed in the firing of General David McKiernan as commander of forces in Afghanistan. His replacement, General Stan McChrystal is regarded as a hard driving frenetic leader who wants results and is flexible in dealing with problems. Major Greg Cannata who spent several months with the new commander, describes the motto of McChrystal, “find, fix, finish, exploit, analyze” or “F3EA.” He points out that McChrystal was very successful at securing the necessary resources to cary out his mission. Many officers believe General McKiernan was given responsibilities in Afghanistan but never provided the men and resources to carry out the mission.

Seth Jones an Afghanistan expert at the Rand Corporation, points out, “one key for McChrystal is to being to solve the numbers problem in southern and central Afghanistan. There currently are not enough coalition and Afghan national forces to hold territory and protect the local population. This likely means turning to one place: local tribes and villages to defend themselves from Taliban advances.” Actually, over two years ago, British officers made this suggestion and were ignored by the American high command.

We can expect greater use of “special forces” in operations and hopefully more experimental approaches in dealing with narcotics and farmers who grow opium. British officers and government officials two years ago suggested purchasing the entire poppy crop in order to rob the Taliban of narcotics money.