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British Writer Blasts Islamic Religion

British novelist Ian McEwan came out swinging against the Muslim religion in a blunt interview he gave with the Italian Corriere della Sera newspaper. He was particularly upset because fellow novelist Martin Amis was roundly attacked for making negative remarks about the Muslim faith. “A dear friend has been called a racist. As soon as a writer expresses an opinion against Islamism, immediately someone on the left leaps to his feet and claims because the majority of Muslims are dark-skinned, he who criticizes it is a racist.” McEwan made clear his own dislike of the Muslim religion. “And I myself despise Islamism because it wants to create a society that I detest based on religious belief, on lack of freedom for women, intolerance towards homosexuality, and son on.” He feels very much the same way concerning American right wing fundamentalist religions although they have no desire to utilize terror tactics against his nation.

Obviously, Mr. McEwan has a right to express an opinion without being charged with the crime of “hate.” If every expression of hate was a crime jails would be crowded. He has a right to detest the Muslim or Christian or Jewish religion, and to make known why he dislikes them. Of course, many of the reasons he cites for opposing Islamism, could also be leveled against fundamentalist Christianity or Judaism. Perhaps, if those who disagree with McEwan replied with good arguments and evidence his claims are incorrect, freedom of speech could be upheld while also enabling most people to obtain an accurate vision of the world.

The best response to McEwan is silence or intellectual arguments against him are the best way to counter his ideas. Violence or threats only prove his is right.