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Medal Of Honor Parent Backs Jim Webb G.I.Bill

The parents of Sgt. Ross McGinnis, who died while valiently trying to save the lives of his comrades, used the occasion for receiving their dead son’s Medal of Honor to support efforts to further the education rights of soldiers and veterans. Bill McGinnis said “I feel there is someone out there more important than(my wife) Romayne and I, and that is the troops who are still active.” Mr. McGinnis announced his support for the G.I. Bill for the 21st Century which was introduced by Senator James Webb of Virginia. McGinnis felt it was the best bill available that would benefit educational needs of troops and veterans as well as having bipartisan support in Congress.

The Pentagon wants a different version which is designed to restrict the ability of service men to get these educational benefits because they claim the Webb bill will reduce re-enlistments. Senator John McCain has made clear he opposes the Webb version and will support the Pentagon version of education benefits.