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US General Explains Surge Plan To Tribal Chiefs

During the past few years the American public has been deluged with information concerning the “surge” which will end terrorism in Iraq and now the “surge” which will end terrorism in Afghanistan. Even as General David McKiernan was meeting with tribal elders in Helmand and Kandahar, news came from Iraq of the death of five more American soldiers who were killed by insurgents. McKiernan’s goal was to connect with tribal elders in order to get their cooperation for the surge in Afghanistan. “I’m trying to connect to the local population in a bottom-up way and try to explain what the new US strategy means and why they’re going to see an increased force presence where they live.” He emphasized until save havens for insurgents are eliminated the attacks will go on.

The good news is that McKiernan told the audience, “I’m reading a very good book now about this part of the world. It’s written in English, but it’s all about you–it’s the Quran.”I guess the real surge he has been discussing is the surge in having US military leaders read the Quran. That should end terrorism in the region. Now, if we could just get insurgents to read the Quran all problems would cease.