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In Mugabeland, Music Is On Suspect List

There are ways to deal with losing an election in civilized nations including improving one’s ideas and relationships with people, but in Mugabeland that is not a viable procedure. His government has uncovered a unique approach to regaining power in Parliament– arrest opposition members on crazy charges. A few days ago, a member of the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai, was arrested for stealing a cell phone from someone with whom he was having lunch. But, today’s arrest ushers in a new and dramatic manner of getting rid of people you don’t like. Get them on the music charge. Stewart Garadhi, an MP for the MDC, was driving along listening to music and he played a song that was popular among members of the MDC.

Mr. Garadhi now faces charges that he played a song that denigrated the illustrious leader of Zimbabwe, the Supreme Honcho, Robert Mugabe. According to Nelson Chamiri the song being played was “Nharembozha” which pokes fun at Mugabe.

Oh, well, I am certain the Zimbabwe police now have a special unit whose task is to find crimes they can charge members of the MDC with and throw them into prison.

Crazy Season In Full Swing In Zimbabwe!

The government of Head Thug, Robert Mugabe, never ceases to amaze in its ability to conceive of new ways of justifying the arrest of innocent men and women. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is attempting to focus on restoring the economy of Zimbabwe which was destroyed under the incompetent leadership of Mugabe. During the past few months several members of Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) have been arrested on one silly charge after another. Thamsanqa Mahlangu, a deputy minister and a leader in the MDC was charged with theft by the corrupt Zimbabwe police. He is charged with attending a meeting dealing with the topic of a “National Shared Vision” with a Mugabe friend, Joseph Chinotimba, when the MDC leader got the bright idea to steal the cell phone of the man sitting next to him.

Perhaps, the African Union can award a prize to Mugabe for his ability to concoct the most fascinating ideas on justifying arresting those who disagree with your corrupt rule. Of course, in Mugabeland, the only people allowed to steal are his followers.

Welcome To Mugabeland Where Madness Is Reality

If anyone has a mental illness it might well be helpful to get the nearest airplane headed to Zimbabwe and spend a few weeks in Mugabeland. Robert Mugabe, the Wizard of Madness, rules the land by ensuring he always wins elections, particularly those in which he received fewer votes than his opponent. In Mugabeland, one is always happy and wealthy by accepting anything the Wizard does must be correct because since he is the all-knowing and wise wizard, he can not commit wrong. Mugabe lost the last presidential election and the Movement for Democratic Change’s candidate not only had more votes but the MDC gained a majority in parliament. No problem for the Wizard, just create crimes that MDC MPs never committed, charge them with being criminals and eject them from parliament. It is a guaranteed way to achieve a majority in the parliament.

Since MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, agreed to a coalition government in February, 16 MDC MPs have been charged with crimes, but for some unknown reason not a single member of the Mugabe Zanu-PF party has been charged with anything. To steal in Mugabeland it is not stealing if you are a member of the Zanu-PF. But, if you fail to pick up the litter in the street and happen to be a member of the MDC, you can be assured of a trip to jail, a beating, and back to jail for several months.

The Wizard of Zimbabwe is undoubtedly a wizard when it comes to brutality and oppression.

Mugabe Shows True Face Of Dictatorship

Robert Mugabe tells his fellow African leaders in nations like South Africa that he represents the true spirit of anti-colonialism and therefore whatever he does to his own people must be better than what they endured under colonial rule. After stealing the last presidential election in a manner that President Ahmadinejad of Iran would appreciate, Mugabe allegedly agreed to a coalition government. At recent meeting called to discuss creating a new constitution, opposition leaders tried to speak when they were verbally, and then physically, assaulted by thugs carrying out the orders of Mugabe. Members of the Movement for Democratic Change attempted to speak when they were shouted down by Mugabe burst into revolutionary songs and then physically attacked the opposition.

Mugabe showed up two hours late in what was most probably a planned attempt to let Movement for Democratic Change leaders know who runs the country. He has refused every attempt to work in a cooperative manner with those who do not accept his unitary leadership view for Zimbabwe. Nothing will change until South Africa and other African nations begin to stand up for the people of Africa rather than for old comrades in the liberation movement.

Mugabe Rhetoric But No Change In Zimbabwe

The ongoing saga of Zimbabwe continues with President Robert Mugabe insisting he wants to cooperate with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, but at the same time, he arrests dozens of adherents of the MDC. Irene Petras of Human Watch, puts it clearly by saying, “we believe that the manner in which Mr. Chiramba(MDC leader) and his fellow political prisoners are being treated is a reflection of the lack of sincerity” on the part of the Zimbabwe government. How can one claim he wants a coalition government while locking up the other party? Desmond Tutu of South Africa expressed his continued doubt that Mugabe will ever change and it was most probably a waste of time.

The tragedy confronting the people of Zimbabwe reflects the tragedy of failed African leadership which allows friendship to take precedence over brutality to the people of Africa.

Morgan Tsvangirai Denounces Mugabe

Morgan Tsvangirai, according to most objective analysts, won the election for president of Zimbabwe, but his victory was snatched away by President Robert Mugabe whose failed policies have resulted in mass starvation, the departure of millions of people in search of work and bred, and the brutalization of those who remain. Tsvangirai demanded that Mugabe cease his thuggish policies toward leaders of the Movement for Democratic Change and adhere to the power-sharing agreement that had been signed last fall. These (arrest of MDC leaders) must stop immediately and those abducted and illegally detained must be released immediately and unconditionally.”

Tsvangirai still insists he wants to abide by the power sharing agreement that former South African president Mibeki reluctantly supported. The MDC blames the failure of Mbeki to actively support power-sharing is the main reason Mugabe behaves as though no such agreement was ever made. It is time for the African Union to finally stand up in support of the people of Zimbabwe and all those oppressed in Africa.

Zimbabwe Enters Dangerous Season For Cholera Spread

The rainy season in Zimbabwe is just about to peak and there is extensive fear weather will play a vital role in the spread of cholera in the nation which now has infected over 30,000 people and killed about 1,600. The World Health Organization said infection is growing at an ever faster rate since the entire health and sanitation system has collapsed due to the inept rule of President Mugabe. He has refused to implement promises made to Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) to share power. Instead Mugabe has unleashed his thugs to intimidate, brutalize and even kill members of the opposition. Millions of people face starvation unless something can be done to compel Mugabe to behave like a decent human being. Health Minister David Parirenyatwa points out, “floods are a predisposing factor for cholera.”

Food is scarce, there is not enough money to pay doctors and nurses and unemployment impacts over half the population. Mugabe apparently will void the power-sharing agreement and appoint his own Cabinet which will result in further sanctions from the world. In the meantime, African nations remain silent and refuse to take any action to assist the people of Zimbabwe due to friendship with Mugabe. Such is the situation in Zimbabwe. Cry for this beloved country and its sorrow.

Mugabe Refuses To Budge On Power Sharing!

About one-third of the people of Zimbabwe face starvation due to the disastrous policies of President Mugabe, but the tyrannical ruler will not budge from his position that “power-sharing” with the opposition, Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), means he retains all power and they agree to share in support for the incompetent boob who is president of a nation. The MDC said agreeing with Mugabe would be equivalent to being passengers on a train headed for a disastrous crash and not being able to avert the tragedy. However, from the Mugabe perspective, the MDC is holding him “hostage” and hurting the people of Zimbabwe.

Thirty years ago when Mugabe took office the nation of Zimbabwe was regarded as among the most prosperous in Africa, but his policies of turning over the economy to his fellow thugs and henchmen has resulted in economic disaster. The MDC is correct, they cannot simply give support to a man who has failed in the past and will fail in the present. They must hold out because any other alternative will never help the people of Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, they already are passengers on a doomed train.

Zimbabwe Human Rights Violated By Mugabe

Amnesty International is frightened at the prospect of mass starvation in Zimbabwe unless something is done to get a government organized which can address the horrible economic conditions facing their country. Human rights abuse continues under the authoritarian regime of Robert Mugabe even as millions face the prospect of starvation brought on by the inept and morally illegal economic policies of the current government. Inflation has reached astronomical levels unheard of in human history and food is denied people based on their political views. Central to the inability of forming a coalition government is refusal on the part of Mugabe to share power with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC)led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

As Mugabe continues his fight for power because he fears an honest government will uncover corruption on the part of his cronies and allies, the prospect for economic recover grows dimmer. Attempts to protest are met by beatings and imprisonment since Mugabe fears the expression of honest public opinion.

Zimbabwe Is Always In Crisis Under Mugabe

Hundreds of people marched in Harare demanding African leaders cease talking about peace and democracy and actually do something to force President Mugabe to finally accept the will of the Zimbabwean people. Members of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition were assaulted by police for daring to speak up against the oppressive government which currently rules their nation. Mediator Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa, continued insisting things would work out if only both sides agreed to compromise. Exactly what is there to “compromise about” given that Mugabe wields all power. Morgan Tsvangirai has nothing to offer except to demand the will of his people be carried out. The leader of the Movement for Democratic Change wants real power over the police or army which Mugabe refuses to release since he fears his thugs might be arrested for their brutality.

The Southern African Development Community(SADC) must finally accept reality. Mugabe must be forced from power since he will not go voluntarily. Each time they meet with Mugabe he mumbles agreements to share power, but once they depart, his words are never matched with reality.

Zimbabwe as a nation no longer exists. Unless the SADC uses its economic and political power to force Mugabe to take action, millions will starve or flee the country.