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At Last–Zimbabwe Agreement On Power Sharing!

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his ruling party, Zanu-PF, finally agreed on a power sharing arrangement which guarantees the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) will have real power in the government. Its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has been fighting to the reality of power not the semblance of power before he would become part of a Zimbabwean government. South African Thabo Mbeki, who has served as a mediator in the dispute, announced the formation of a national unity government. “An agreement has been reached on all items on the agenda–all of them endorsed the document tonight, signed it.” He promised the people of Zimbabwe that the Mugabe government is actually going to follow through on an agreement in which they cede some power to the opposition.

The Zimbabwe economy has been completely wrecked by the foolhardy policies of Mugabe and inflation is now at a twenty million percent rate. There will be need to restore farm lands to those who know how to work them which means white farmers will be asked to return in order to jump start the farm economy. The remaining question is whether Mugabe henchmen who took the land and wrecked farming will be compelled to restore farming to those who know how to do it.

Zim Movement for Democracy Leaders Want Real Power

Months continue to drag by and the Zimbabwean inflation rate has now reached twenty million percent while President Mugabe of Zimbabwe dallies over the issue of surrendering any real power to the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, insists he will not become a ceremonial “Prime Minister” just so Mugabe can tell the world he is willing to share “power” when, in actuality, he does not. Tsvangirai insists he must be given control of the powerful Ministry of Home Affairs which controls the police in order to prevent that institution from continuing its policy of harassment and brutality against members of the opposition. The MDC is willing to sign a document which is based on a 50%-50% sharing of power, and it must include some control over security forces who have brutalized the nation.

President Mbeki of South Africa is once again in the nation’ capital but, most probably, he will continue his own policy of supporting his good friend, Robert Mugabe. “We are not close to any deal,” says the MDC and there will not be any until Mbeki puts pressure on Mugabe to give up some power. Mugabe most probably would like Tsvangirai to work on the economy while he works on keeping the opposition under control.

Zimbabwe Opposition Loses Hope For Peace

Failure on the part of President Mbeki of South Africa to be a neutral advocate for the people of Zimbabwe has made clear he is no Nelson Mandela. The South African leader has consistently taken the side of his good friend, Robert Mugabe, a thug and murderer who has wrecked his nation in a made pursuit of power and wealth. Mbeki was charged by the Southern African Development Community(SADC) to serve as a broker for peace between Mugabe and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) and its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. The MDC wants a genuine sharing of power, but Mugabe, encouraged by Mbeki, wants to retain all power. It is clear the MDC has lost all confidence in the neutrality of Mbeki in this situation. Mugabe reportedly has issued a demand to Tsvangirai of agreeing to his view of “sharing” or he will proceed alone. Tsvangirai has refused to be bullied into an agreement that will only strengthen forces of oppression.

Lovemore Madhuku, a law lecturer, says the choice is clear-Tsvangirai gives up his ideas and agrees to those of Mugabe or the president will proceed on his own. There is little indication Mugabe was ever interested in real power sharing and simply depended on his good friend, Mbeki, to keep the SADC off his back. It appears his gamble has worked.

No Deal On Zimbabwe Deal For Peace

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), is urging nations of Africa to refuse having any dealings with President Mugabe of their nation until he finally agrees to share power with their party which actually won both the presidential and parliament elections. Unfortunately, President Mbeki of South Africa, who allegedly was supposed to act as a mediator has done everything possible to protect his good friend, Mugabe, from sharing power even though the Southern African Community Development (SADC) organization has urged such an approach. If Mbeki months ago had exerted pressure on his friend, the current situation would not be confronting a refusal on the part of those in power to maintain all power.

On one hand, Mbeki says he wants peace, but, on the other hand, he remains silent about the detention of four MDC members of parliament by the police. Nothing will happen to force Mugabe to agree to change until Mbeki takes a strong stand and condemns his friend.

I Run Zimbabwe Declares Robert Mugabe

Under his benign rule, the nation of Zimbabwe has declined from a vibrant economy into one that is wracked by a Twelve Million percent inflation rate and 80% of the people living in poverty, but Robert Mugabe has absolutely no intention of giving up power. He ignored agreements to hold off opening Parliament before a power sharing agreement could be hammered out with Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change. After being heckled and booed in Parliament by MDC members, the determined president told his nation, “we shall be setting up a government. The MDC does not want to come in apparently.”

Mugabe is right on one point, the MDC does not wish to become part of a government in which the thugs who surround the president continue with their policies of looting the nation and beating up and torturing members of the opposition. They do not wish to become part of a supposed “power-sharing” agreement in which Mugabe continues wielding all the power and Tsvangirai is a show case placed in a powerless position. They do not wish to become part of a government which arrested three members of the MDC on trumped up charges.

Mugabe Defies Agreement, Opens Parliament!

President Mugabe was supposed to be in negotiations with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai on ways to organize a coalition government. Instead of keeping to the agreement that Parliament would not be summoned until a power sharing agreement had been reached, he went ahead with meeting with the new Parliament. As the president told the body, “landmark agreements have been concluded with every expectation that everybody will sign up,” his audience erupted into booing by MDC members and shouts of “Zanu-PF is rotten”(Zanu-PF is Mugabe’s party).

Mugabe simply could not avoid showing his true colors by having two MDC members arrested as they tried to take their seats in Parliament. In Mugabeland, democracy means if you agree with me, we will not beat the hell out of you and we will not throw you into jail where the torturers can practice democracy in action. Ironically, in a secret vote for speaker of the Parliament, MDC member Lovemore Moyo won by 110 to 98 votes. This indicates when allowed to vote in secret even members of the Zanu-PF don’t like their president.

Mass Confusion In Zimbabwe Over Power Sharing!

During the past several weeks, President Mbeki of South Africa has been charged by the Southern African Development Community(SADC) to work with President Mugabe of Zimbabwe and his leading opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) in order to reach a compromise over who should rule the nation. A rumor has just emerged which indicates President Mugabe may have reached out to a splinter group of the MDC in order to circumvent Tsvangirai who actually won the presidential election held in March. Arthus Mutambara, head of the splinter group denies the rumor but observers noted he was smiling and appeared confident he had gained some sort of victory. Mbeki denied the talks had not collapsed and said discussions were still proceeding.

However, when questioned by reporters, President Mbeki admitted Mugabe and Mutambara had “agreed” on some sort of arrangement. Tsvangirai’s section of the MDC holds 100 seats in Parliament to the Mugabe Zanu-PF 99 seats while Mutambara holds 10 seats. The rumors indicate Mutambara might break ranks with Tsvangirai if promised an important government post by Mugabe.

If the proposed deal goes through western nations, and many African ones, will be furious at this blatant violation by Mugabe of promises to negotiate in good faith. Zimbabwe will be subjected to sanctions and isolated causing even thousands more to flee the country and join the estimated two million who already have fled.

Is Mugabe Ready To Surrender Power In Zimbabwe?

Discussions continue between President Mugabe of Zimbabwe and the opposing Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) whose leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is seeking to assume an important role in the proposed coalition government that might be formed. However, President Mugabe told a ceremony honoring those who died in the fight for independence from Great Britain the opposition MDC must be careful not to be “used by enemies” and vowed his nation never would be a colony again. “Let us not hand over the country to the enemy” he warned the MDC. In other words, if the MDC did anything that was supported by Great Britain they would be judged to be an enemy of President Mugabe.

Discussions have been continuing but the comments of Mugabe might indicate a stumbling block to any coalition government. During the past several years, Mugabe has ruined the farm economy of his nation by driving out efficient white farmers and replacing them with his stooges and friends who lack knowledge of effective farming methods. A new government would almost have to revive the farm economy and get the nation back to work. This would require working with American and European experts, something Mugabe fears because the doesn’t want his friends to give up the farms and businesses they appropriated from foreign sources.

Possible Triumph For Democracy In Zimbabwe?

The situation is still very unclear and many roadblocks remain before the people of Zimbabwe can obtain the rule of law in their nation. There are reports from Zimbabwe of a possible compromise under which President Robert Mugabe would remain in office but serve as the “ceremonial” head of state while Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), Morgan Tsvangirai, would assume the position of an executive prime minister who would be in charge of the daily operations of the nation. Mugabe’s party, the Zanu-PF are currently engaged in discussions with the MDC and are expanding the negotiation team to include other diverse voices.

The unanswered questions revolve around the power group which surrounds Mugabe, those who control the armed forces and police. Will they gracefully disappear from positions of power and give up the farms and houses they have stolen? Will there be a revolt by these men against Mugabe himself?

African Community Pushes For Zimbabwe Peace

The South Africa Development Community (SADC) which has been pushing for President Mugabe and his rival Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) to cooperate made clear both parties had to be more willing to display conciliation. A SDAC summit to “discuss the Zimbabwean crisis in light of the talks” was convened to make it clear to President Mugabe, in particular, he must be ready to give the MDC a greater voice in governing Zimbabwe. The will of the people of Zimbabwe was expressed in March, 2008 elections when Morgan Tsvbangirai won a majority of votes cast, but it is unlikely what the people desire will ever come to fruition due to the intransigent behavior of Mugabe and his ruthless henchmen who fear abandoning power.

Morgan Tsvangirai said he was “fairly satisfied” with the talks, but even as he spoke, the Zimbabwean Lawyers for Human Rights issued demands for Mugabe’s so-called “war veterans” to cease their intimidation and harassment campaign against followers of the MDC. There continue to be examples of the “war veterans”(few of whom ever fought in the struggle against Great Britain for independence) are continuing their policy of brutal attacks on anyone who opposes the Mugabe regime.