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Sarkozy Club Med Plans On Vacation!

French Pesdient Nicolas Sarkozy was forced to drastically scale back his plans for a Pris-dominated Mediterranean Union. Sarkozy has been pushing the idea of a Mediterranean Union which would be a back door approach to Turkey’s attempt at membership in the European Union. It is an attempt to find a way of preventing Muslim nations from applying to the European Union and thus countering the possibility membership would allow Muslims free movement in Europe. His proposal for a 12 nation Med bloc has been cooly received by other EU member nations.

President Sarkozy is now proposing simply regular meetings between nations in the Mediterrnean and EU representativesChancellor Merkel made clear if a vote was now taken on his proposal “it would definitely not have gone through.” She has made it clear to her French colleague the EU will not support a Paris led union of Mediterranean nations.

One can only wonder if the Sarkozy plan allows Israel to be a member of the group, given that it is part of the Mediterranean area.