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Sarah Palin Tells It Like It Is- That’s The Problem!

Sarah Palin told a meeting of Alaska Republicans that she will not back down from telling the truth to the American people regardless of smears on the part of the media. “I’m going to call it like I see it” proclaimed that fervent advocate of ignorance and stupidity. She lashed out at the media for treating her unfairly and noted that she had a DEGREE IN JOURNALISM! How many of the liberal media pundits can match her degree from a prestigious institution of journalism in Idaho? Palin was recently upset that President Obama cracked a joke which insulted all those with physical disabilities and she wanted to make clear one does not joke with such matters. Of course, she has no interest in the physical disabilities of those without medical insurance or those who can’t pay the rent or those who are poor.

Perhaps, one day, the Governor of Alaska will actually propose a single intelligent idea on how to deal with economic problems or the collapse of our infrastructure. Apparently, the main issue confronting America in her mind is the liberal media and their unfair attacks on her personage. She never said a word when 4,000 Americans were killed in Iraq, she never said a word when Bush lied, but, then again, one does not attack Republicans in her view of life. It is the darn fault of the liberal media! That’s why the economy collapsed!!

Is The World Media Anti-Israel?

Bradley Burston, writing in the Israeli Haaretz asks the question as to whether or not the world media leans over backward to see negative actions when it comes to the state of Israel. For example, all wars entail at one point or another violation of human rights, so why did the recent Israel invasion of Gaza cause such a huge outpouring of anger because of misdeeds on the part of Israel soldiers? Burston agrees in certain units of the IDF there was use of excessive firepower most probably because soldiers expected Hamas to fight more openly and be ready to sacrifice their lives. When they did not, the IDF wound up firing huge artillery and air strikes at non-existent targets which resulted in large scale deaths of civilians.

Burston argues many journalists accept without verification statements made by Palestinians concerning the immoral behavior of Israel soldiers but do not accept the unchecked comments of Israel soldiers or civilians. He concludes with a powerful explanation of why Israelis are so inept at public relations:

“It is also because Israelis hate the very idea of public relations. They live in a country which has been under effective world quarantine for nearly all of its history… They speak a language which is light years and thousands of literal years away from television English. They are bathed in a culture which insulates itself and armors itself and has had little reason to believe the world will give it a fair shake. They have a shared, largely unspoken truth which is based, in part on the world’s inability to fathom their behavior. And, they believe that no matter what they do, much of the world is likely to condemn them. And in this at least, they have seldom been proven wrong.”

This is a powerful summary of why Israel has lost contact with the reality of the world. The election of Benjamin Netanyahu and the idiotic foul mouthed Avigdor Lieberman as foreign secretary will wind up turning off even American Jews. It is time for Israel to be true to its moral socialist heritage and reach out anew to those Palestinians who seek an honorable peace. Those Palestinians exist.

Laura Bush Defends Husband Against Unfair Critics

Laura Bush is a wonderful woman who has comported herself with dignity and decorum in the midst of some difficult times, but when one is married to the village idiot it is only natural that in defending him her comments come across as somewhat hypocritical. She blasted the media as being “unfair” in discussing her husband’s successes such as destroying the Saddam Hussein regime, freeing the people of Afghanistan and working to end AIDS in Africa. She rebuffed critics who insisted the United States should have completed the battle in Afghanistan before proceeding to Iraq. Mrs. Bush admits she is not a good cook, but, unfortunately, she does not admit as a foreign policy analyst she is a better cook than diplomatic expert. Yes, hubby got rid of Saddam, but in the process he created al-Qaeda of Mesopotamia and encouraged thousands of young Muslims all over the world to fight America.

One can only wonder where Laura Bush was when her husband joined in the Republican vicious smear of a man who lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam as unpatriotic. Of course, hubby was far from the fighting area and Mrs. Bush never mentioned the media being unfair when George smeared John Kerry who risked his life in the jungles of Vietnam.
We respect Mrs. Bush’s efforts to assist the women of Afghanistan, but due to her husband’s blunders these women now face hate, violence and an end to their freedom. I wonder if the women of Afghanistan think George Bush is being treated in an “unfair” manner?

Aussie Police Are Watching You!

Members of the Australian Queensland Police Service are cracking down on links between journalists who are revealing secrets the police prefer remain secrets. Mick Barnes of the Queensland Police Union, says “every time somethng that appears in teh media that’s of some sensitive nature to the police service or the government, they try to work out how the media has got hold of this.” This results in police checking into personal records of members of the press. It is also believed the bank records and private telephone calls of members of the press and media are being accessed by the police.

In a show of defiance, the police do not deny any claims made by Barnes on the ground they have the right to check out unauthorized leaks to the media. They have the right to check, but they do not have the right to violate human rights. There is a difference.