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Medvedev And Obama- A New Beginning?

The administration of George Bush has done tremendous damage to American-Russian relations by building missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and encouraging the eastward expansion of NATO which have posed a serious threat to the security of Russia. Barack Obama and President Dimitry Medvedev were both born in the sixties and now represent the emergence of a new generation which lacks ties with the war in Vietnam or the Cold War between their nations. An op-ed piece in the Moscow Times by Rose Gottemoeller, argues Obama and Medvedev have the potential of coming together in a new process of peace for the world. They can put vestiges of the Cold War behind them and work for a new Russian-American alliance for peace in the world.

Medvedev needs support if he is to take on hard liners in the Kremlin and Obama needs support to end the madness of American policy in the Middle East. Obama could cease building missile bases which would strengthen the hand of Medvedev against Putin supporters and incorporation of Russia into NATO would once and for all put an end to the Cold War. They can cooperate by offering joint discussions with Iranian leaders and exerting pressure on Israel to reach a compromise agreement with Palestinians that ensures creation of an independent nation in that region of the world.

A Medvedev-Obama alliance will be a force for peace and social justice in the world. Russia can emerge as a democratic nation once fears of the outside world are removed.